How To Access JISD Parent Portal

Family Access is a software program that runs on the JISD Parent Portal and designed to improve communication between families and teachers. Your child’s academic progress reports, attendance records, and timetables are all easily accessible with just a few clicks of the mouse.

If you want to an active educational team member for your kid, you don’t have to wait for parent-teacher conferences to started; you can now become involved by using the information already accessible to you. You will have access to the staff email addresses through the usage of JISD Parent Portal for your convenience if you have a query or need an answer before conferences.

You will have access to the academic grades of students who attend East Side, West Side, Fred Douglass, and Joe Wright Elementary Schools, as well as Nichols Intermediate, Middle School, and High School, from the first grade up through the twelfth grade. This information will be provided to you beginning in the first grade. Pupils in Pre-K and Kindergarten who participate in the online program will not receive grades for their participation in the course.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Family Access and express our hope that you will find this tool valuable in your continuous engagement with Jacksonville ISD. In addition, we would like to thank you for choosing to interact with Jacksonville ISD.

Required Information To Apply For JISD Parent Portal

  • Student/Parent/Guardian Last name
  • Initials of the Student, Parent, or Guardian who is registering.
  • Student Middle Name
  • The address of the Student’s Home, as provided by the Parent or Guardian,
  • A number that can reached by the kid, a parent, or a guardian
  • Student ID (To obtain the number, you must visit the school where your child enrolled).
  • Date and Time of the Student’s Birth
  • A parent’s or guardian’s email address (optional).

How Can I Reassure My Family That Using Family Access Will Be Risk-Free?

Family Access employs a protocol known as Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, as a security measure for the information shown on the website. Websites that accept credit card numbers and other sensitive information utilize the same encryption method.

Personal information needs to kept safe. The Administrator of Family Access for the District is responsible for setting security and access to student records per the method established by the District. Every person, irrespective of Everyone, whether they are a student, a parent, or a staff member, needs to have a username, a password, and a role.

To view Family Access information, you must have a member of a household linked to a student.

What Kinds Of Student Records Are Shown On The JISD Parent Portal?

The following information about students presented inside Family Access:

  • Details regarding the attendance
  • Student schedule
  • Information about the students’ demographics
  • Details regarding grades

What Should I Do If My Pc Stops Working With Family Access?

Because Family Access is a web-based service, it ought to work properly on your personal computer, just like any other web-based service would do so ordinarily.

To be more explicit, applications, specifically one such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. You should begin by determining whether or not you still have the correct Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the Family Access website. If you do, then go to the next step.

There is a risk that the Family Access web server will be inaccessible at certain points in time due to maintenance. In the vast majority of situations, this will take place on the Saturday of each week. Please make another attempt if you get a message stating there was a transaction problem.

If you are still having problems, you need to talk to the school where your child enrolled as well as a member of the staff at that school.

Member will get back to you as soon as they can after being unable to do so. Take into account that Jacksonville Independent School can found in the neighborhood. If you need assistance with your computer or software, please contact your local computer dealer or the company that originally sold you the product. The school district does not offer technical support for any technology or software programs utilized outside the district campus.

JISD Parent Portal Why?

Your connection will cut off automatically by Family Access if your computer remains idle for more than three to five minutes, as this is the default setting for the security feature. It is impossible to alter this security feature as it developed specifically to prevent unwanted access.

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