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If you have a child in school, you may want to use the parent portal CCBOE. This educational portal is available to all parents and students of the same school. It can help parents monitor their child’s progress and receive important information from their teachers. However, you must know how to access this portal. In this article, we’ll discuss how to login to the portal and how to set up the app to access it.

Login to the Sentral Parent Portal & App

The Sentral Parent Portal streamlines communication between parents and teachers. It is an online desktop environment that allows parents to keep up with school and student activities. It is also available as an app, available on the Google Play and Apple app stores. The app allows parents to manage their child’s school progress and make payments directly from the app.

The Parent Portal CCBOE allows parents to view their child’s education information 24 hours a day. It has many features, including sending absence notifications, viewing school reports, student continuum tracking reporting, scheduling parent teacher interviews, and receiving push notifications. More features are being phased in over time. The new system was introduced in June 2017 for existing families, and new families will be informed of its launch when their child enrols.

parent portal ccboe

Upon login, parents can access all the information they need to know about their child’s attendance and health. They can also view their child’s schedule and behavior records. They can also get a detailed report on their child’s progress and interactions. In addition to empowering parents, Sentral also makes it easy for schools to provide full access to information on their students.

Sentral’s Parent Portal & App offers parents an online desktop environment that includes the comprehensive Sentral for Parents mobile app. This app makes it easy for parents to manage attendance, track attendance, create wellbeing assessments and academic reports, and even cashless canteen ordering. Parents also have access to practical guidance and support.


The Sentral Parent Portal & App offer parents an easy-to-use online desktop environment for all things related to their child’s education. The Sentral portal includes features that streamline day-to-day tasks, such as receiving messages from teachers and students, tracking attendance, and creating wellbeing and academic reports. It also includes cashless canteen ordering and secure digital payments. The Sentral portal and App also provide helpful guidance on how to use the tools.

To access the Sentral Parent Portal and App, parents must first login to the Sentral menu. There are three options to manage absences: notify parents via a SMS, notify parents via e-mail, or publish newsfeed items. If the child has an absence, parents will be notified through the Portal Console and will have the opportunity to explain their absence, and advise them about future absences. Parents can toggle three different controls to enable or disable these features, depending on their school’s needs.

To access the parent portal, all parents of Columbia County schools must create an account. To get started, watch a video tutorial and create your username and password. Parents can also download a new smart phone app that will give them real-time bus location information. The new app was created with the help of superintendent Dr. Steven Flynt, who was also a substitute teacher contact 301-932-6610.

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