How to Use the Stony Housing Portal

The Stony Housing Portal is a convenient tool to help you find and apply for campus residence. The portal also allows you to make payments for your residence and secure your space. Getting started is simple – just follow the steps below. You can even find out about the availability of spaces near you by checking out the available listings.

Log in to the Stony Brook Housing

Log in to the Stony Brook Housing portal using your NetID. The portal is a comprehensive online housing system that provides real-time access to all housing functions in one convenient location. Once logged in, students can access the OHS Student Web Portal from any computer and any browser.

After logging in, residents may choose a space in their current community with a roommate or by themselves. The deadline for choosing a room is April 1st, 2022, at 2PM. Residents who miss this deadline will be placed on the Housing Waitlist.

Log in to the Stony Brook Email Portal

To log in to the Stony Brook Email Portal, you must first be a registered user. You can register by filling out the registration form and submitting it. If you forgot your password, you can use the password recovery feature to reset it. Once you have your login credentials, you can then log in to the Stony Brook Email Portal and read and write your email messages.

In addition to email, the Stony Brook University’s SOLAR enterprise self-service system allows you to access information about yourself and your academic record. Using this system, you can register for classes, pay bills, update personal information, submit student employment timesheets, and more. You’ll need your Stony Brook University ID and password to log in to the Stony Brook Email Portal. After you’ve signed in, you must be sure to sign out or close your session.

The Stony Housing Portal

The Stony Housing Portal helps students secure a place to live on campus. It can also be used to make payments and make application changes. You can access the Stony Housing Portal with your Gmail login credentials. This article outlines how to use the Stony Housing Portal. After logging in to the Stony Housing Portal, you can apply for a residence hall or apartment on campus.

Log in to the Stony Brook Housing Portal with your Gmail login credentials

If you have a Gmail account, you can use it to log in to the Stony Brook Housing Portal. The Stony Brook Housing Portal can be accessed from any internet browser. Once you’ve signed up for a free account, you can use this login to log into campus services, such as housing.

After you’ve logged into the portal, click the ‘Applications’ tab. This will display a list of your current housing preferences. You can also search for a unit that matches your preferences. After you’ve selected your desired unit type, you can search for nearby apartments, condos, and townhouses. You can also filter the results by the price range and the location.

Log in to the Stony Brook Email Portal with your Gmail login credentials

The Stony Brook Email Portal allows you to access your personal information and Blackboard courses and grades online. It also offers access to library databases and Wi-Fi. All active employees and students are assigned a NetID. To login, you will need to enter your 9-digit ID number or your MMDDYY birthday in the “CAS SSO PROVIDER” field. If you do not have a NetID, please contact DOIT.

If you currently have an email account with Google, you will need to change it. You will lose access to email from your previous account. This can be a problem if you frequently receive emails about classes you have missed. The good news is that the Stony Brook Email Portal has a 30-GB free storage option. Additionally, you can use Google Drive to create and share documents. This service is convenient if you need to store important work.

Students may also wish to create a Zoom account. Zoom is an online meeting platform. The university offers both a free and paid version. Students should use their Stony Brook email addresses to access the Zoom application. You can access your Stony Brook Zoom account by going to the Stony Brook Technology website. If you are unsure of which account to create, you can use the “free” version. Just remember that the account should be fully functional and associated with your Stony Brook email address. You can also create a Zoom room in Blackboard for each of your Blackboard courses. A button labelled “Zoom Meeting” is available in each Blackboard course. Zoom has a video tutorial that will help you get started.

Ship shipments through the Stony Brook Housing Portal

When you ship a package to Stony Brook University, be sure to use the Stony Brook Housing Portal to ensure that your package arrives safely. Students who live in campus housing can also use this service to send and receive packages. However, be sure to plan ahead: the mailroom has high demand during the beginning of the semester, so it is best to wait to ship large items until after they arrive on campus.

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