Best Instagram Spy Tool 2022 – An Easy Way To Track Someone’s Instagram

Instagram is becoming the most popular social media app worldwide. over 1 billion downloads from google PlayStore shows its high popularity among the audience. People are loving its features and updates for connecting with their friends and the world. People from all age groups use Instagram representing their high interest and engagement rates. 

With the increasing use and reliance of people on Instagram, people also want to have ways or methods by which they can track other people’s Instagram activity. The Instagram best spying apps for iphone or android are an amazing solution provided by the technology for facilitating the users in achieving their purpose. 

The Need for Instagram Spy Apps

Why there is a need for the best Instagram spy apps? Why do people require such apps for spying on someone else’s Instagram? There are many reasons and factors that compel a person who searches for Instagram spying ways on the internet. 

In this busy world, parents do not have much time in keeping an eye on their kids. They cannot be with them everywhere so they demand such ways by which they can track what they are doing or where are they. Technology is progressing and providing innovations that save much time and effort for people. get yourself updated with information about technology and its latest advances through tech blogs from online sources like TechyWired. 

Coping with the modern and digital world, people use gadgets and technological services for everyday life. Thus parents also are compelled to give cell phones to their kids. But giving a cell phone to the kids and having an entire world within it is a much more risky task. so, parents remain worried and anxious that their kids can get easily get distracted and shift in the wrong direction. 

In such cases, the Instagram spy apps are an amazing solution that can help in tracking their kid’s activity. That’s why parents can easily get to know their children’s location, conversation, and activity by sitting at their home or at work. 

Further, many people want to check their partner’s loyalty and trust between them. So they check on their partners by using Instagram, spying ways. It helps them in checking their messages, media files shared, inboxes, videos, profiles, etc, and find the partners who are cheating on them. 

Many business persons also want to track their employee’s work to maintain the working protocols. This tracking of the employees should be in the office premises only and not relevant to personal life, otherwise, it will be highly unethical and illegal.

How to Track Someone’s Direct Messages on Instagram?

Instagram is a platform on which people love to spend the majority of their time with super ease and excitement. They experience a variety of new updates and content over there. Indeed, they make friendships over there and enhance their number of followers too. 

Just like any other social media platform, Instagram allows users to avail the services of inbox and chat with anyone they like. If you are eager to know the details of these chats then nothing can be more Fabulous than an Instagram inbox spy.

The functionality of such spies is ideal as these provide the in-depth details of the messages. You can easily get to know about the received and sent messages and can even have the in time real experience of it.

There are multiple ways for tracking direct messages on Instagram. The popular and common methods for this are listed below:

  • Instagram account hacking tool – when a person thinks of getting a chance to check someone’s Instagram account, the first thing that comes to mind is hacking. But it is not a safe option as it is illegal and unethical. The Instagram account hacking tools are available online but require some technical skills to operate. Further, the risk of scamming and security threats is also higher with this method. 

These tools did not come with any guarantee, so the risk is always associated with their use. There is a possibility that you install the tool and merely waste your time and money instead of getting the desired outcome. There is another drawback of Instagram as well. You can get the entire access to the Instagram account, but cannot spy the real-time activity. 

  • Hiring hackers – people who do not have much technical knowledge can hire a hacker. But still, this method is not much appropriate. It requires high cost and can lead to legal punishment in case you get caught. 

Further, hiring a hacker can also lead to you some problematic situations, as he or she can hack your account or blackmail you. So, it is not s good option. 

  • Instagram spy tool – it is the safest and most reliable method to use the Instagram spy app. these are available online providing a huge list of benefits to the users at economical prices. The security protocols for these apps are high so users do not need to worry about data leakage. 

While having the Instagram spy app, the user can have complete access to analyzing what’s going on in the Instagram of the target person. You can get that with whom a person is talking, calling, and sharing media, what the shared files, followers, comments, inbox section, reels, and stories. 

  • Password guessing – it is a free method but does not provide 100 % surety that you guessed the password right. However, it is time taking process as well. Sometimes, if there is two-factor authentication enabled on social media accounts, then you can be in trouble. 

Points to Consider While Selecting Instagram Spy Tool

Selecting an Instagram spy app requires a few points to consider. If you have chosen a spy tool that is highly costly or has fewer features, then it would not be suitable for you and wastes your money as well. Get a tool that can help you in acquiring all the possible and additional benefits in a single package. The following are the main considering points. Have a look at these for having the desired outcomes and wonderful experience:

Pricing – pricing of the Instagram spy tool is a significant factor to consider. There are many tools online that are free to access and use so what is the point of getting spying services for a high cost? You can have budget-friendly subscription packages as well that can offer you additional features making the apps more desirable and preferable. 

Compatibility –compatibility is a very crucial point to consider. If you have an Android cell phone and purchased an Instagram spy tool that supports iOS only, then it is of no use to you. You need to have a spy tool that should be compatible with the operating system of your device. There are bundles of apps online that supports iOS and Android operating system at the same time, so these are the safest to access and use. 

Installation process – there are many tools that are operated online. Some require installation. Many of the Instagram spy apps provide super facilitation with a single click on the link for installing the apps conveniently. 

Range of features – the range of features possessing by the Instagram spy app plays a prominent role in deciding whether to purchase it or not. An Instagram spy app having more features is more suitable than one offering fewer features at the same price. 

The major risk that hinders the masses to use spy apps relates to their privacy. Now say goodbye to all such suspicion and stress as the advanced, latest, and most popular spying apps provide the best relief to you. These avoid sharing any of your data with a third party. Indeed, it prevents exposing your intrusion into the accounts and devices of your beloved so that your identity remains hidden. All the work at the app is performed quite securely to avoid the occurrence of any bad incident.

Popular Instagram Spy Tools 2022

You are welcomed to hundreds of Instagram spy apps on the internet with versatile profiles and features. Finding a suitable one for you from a bundle of apps is not an easy task. we have mapped a few of the top-rated and amazing spy apps that are prominently known for satisfying customers. Below is the profile and information for popular spy apps. Have a look at these and get an idea of their features, pricing, packages, etc so you can compare these and find the best one for you:


spying on someone’s Instagram inbox and checking direct messages is a matter of a few little steps with this Instagram spy tool. Choose the most reliable and highly popular Instagram spy apps like mSpy to give vent to your desired purposes. it is much popular among parents as it helps in tracking the features like messages, media files, location, social media platforms activity, etc. 

its interface is user-friendly and provides a great chance for users for operating it easily. So, beginners or people with little to no technological role can use this app. the processing of the app is fast thus saving your time as well. 

Supported Devices 

The supported devices by the mSpy – Instagram spy tool are iOS devices and Android operating devices. 


Subscription PlanPriceValidity 
Trial Free 7 days 
Basic$29.99 Monthly
Premium $69.99Monthly 

Accessible Features 

  • Social Media Platforms like Line, Hike, Viber, Tinder, Hangouts, Kik, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook
  • Conversation apps like Messenger, Whatsapp
  • Location via Geo fencing and GPS location tracking
  • iMessage, incoming and outgoing calls, text messages 
  • Screen recording
  • Keylogger
  • Incoming and outgoing emails, website bookmarks, and browsing history
  • Calendar activities like marked events  
  • Keyword alerts
  • Blocked websites, application blocking


  • Help to track Instagram account, activity, inbox
  • Also helps track other social media platforms 
  • Location tracking 
  • Easy to access and use
  • Provides free trial 
  • Customer service is available 24 / 7 
  • The user can control the calls, messages, and other apps


  • Accessing all the features of the Instagram spy tool requires jailbreaking. 


Now no more hiding of any stuff by your loved ones! Instagram spy apps like iKeyMonitor reveal all the truth to you and let you have a keen eye on the activities performed by your loved ones on their accounts. iKeyMonitor provides a keylogging feature that helps take screenshots of the images, videos, and screens of the target device. It offers 30 plus features relevant to spying.

Amazingly, it helps in monitoring the target device activity, like you can block apps or websites. This blocking feature provides the best parental control to the users. You can access WhatsApp and get real-time notifications as well. It helps in monitoring the received and sent messages with the time, date, and name of the person with whom you are communicating. 

Supported Devices 

The supported devices by the iKeyMonitor are iPad, iPhones, Windows devices, tablets, and Android devices. 


Subscription PlanPriceValidity 
Trial Free 30 days 
Basic Plan 9.99 $3 days
Add-on Plan 16.66 $30 days 
Business Plan 9.99 $30 days

Accessible Features 

  • Viewing pictures, videos, profile
  • Capturing screenshots
  • Upload logs to FTP, browsing history, and websites visited
  • Application Blocking
  • Social Media activity of platforms like Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, IMO, Hangouts, etc
  • Location via Geo-fencing, geo-tracking 
  • Viewing WiFi history
  • Application Blocking
  • Record keystrokes


  • Keylogging feature presence 
  • Free trial plan 
  • Provides basic as well as a business plan 
  • Monitors the social media platforms 
  • GPS location tracking 
  • User-friendly interface 


  • The free version does not offer all the features of the Instagram spy tool. 


eyeZy is a tremendous option to spy on other’s cell phones. If you want to spy on Instagram, you can select this tool fearlessly as it is reliable and secure to use. Further, its user-friendly interface provides ease in the operations and getting the results in a viewable method like a dashboard. 

However, you can also have other social media platforms tracked by this tool. the services are not limited to this. you can also have the access to conversational apps. Spying the conversations and call records is a prominent feature to get an idea of what exactly going on in someone’s life. 

So, it provides all these in a single tool making it facilitative to purchase one app rather than multiple ones. But there is one flaw that operating this tool on different devices may not be economical for all people. it is a bit expensive. ‘

The need for jailbreaking for the installation of this Instagram Spy Tool is not a must. You can install and operate it either with jailbreaking or without jailbreaking. The business pricing plan often attracts customers as it provides more features in a bulk at less price. 

Supported Devices 

The supported devices by this app include Android-operated devices and iOS devices. 


Subscription PlanPriceValidity 
Basic 1 month 
Premium 3 months
Premium 12 months 

Accessible Features 

  • Keyword tracking
  • Application Blocking
  • Monitoring and recording of internet browsing history
  • WiFi blocking like websites
  • Calendar notes monitoring
  • Screen recording
  • Call logs and contacts 
  • Location via Geo-fencing, GPS tracking
  • Images and videos monitoring
  • Social Media platforms monitoring like Kik, LINE, Skype, Messanger, Hangouts, Snapchat, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp


  • A live demo is available 
  • 24 / 7 customer care is available to help the customers in resolving their queries immediately and satisfy them 
  • Pinpoint exact location tracking
  • Inbuilt keylogger
  • Installation is quite easy 


  • No money-back guarantee 
  • Expensive to track multiple devices at a time 
  • No free trial 


uMobix performs as an amazing spy app as provides a number of tracking entities including incoming calls, outgoing calls, deleted messages, browsing history, location, social media apps, conversational apps, media shared, etc. 

it is compatible with the number of devices showing higher access to the users. The pricing includes three subscription plans with different limits of validity. The limiting factor is that the setup process is a bit complicated procedure. But do not worry as customer care can help in providing a solution to this problem. 

Supported Devices 

The supported devices by this app include Android-operated devices and iOS devices. 


Subscription PlanPriceValidity 
Basic 1 month 
Premium 3 months
Premium 12 months 

Accessible Features 

  • Gallery access
  • Live control panel
  • Advanced GPS tracker
  • Calls recording
  • Browsing history recording
  • Text messages monitoring

The traceable entities of this Instagram Spy Tool are calls, messages, images shared or deleted,  contacts, social media apps like WhatsApp, tinder, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, zoom, Viber, Reddit, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, diable messages, restrict calls, mailbox scan, Wi-Fi devices, etc, call logs, videos or other media.  


Users can access this spy app for free for 7 day trial. 


  • Free trial is available 
  • No requirement for jailbreak. 
  • 24 / 7 available and accessible customer support
  • Easy interface
  • Social media tracking 
  • GPS location tracking 
  • Available keylogger function 


  • The setup process of the app is a bit complicated. 
  • Data syncing is not optimal of this process. 
  • The tracking features are limited.


One of the splendid features of this app is the outstanding camera with great resolution. That’s why it is amazingly used in businesses where the employer tracks the employee’s work. companies or business persons always remain in search of some ideas that can help them in tracking their employee’s activity and get an idea of what they are doing during working hours. 

So, this app can provide better assistance and also provides little monitoring services. It is highly compatible with a number of devices due to support for both operating systems.  

It is not only a simple spy app, but its advancement in technology has made it tremendous in monitoring the target cell phone. It means, when you get access to the target cell phone, you can see the activity along with monitoring these. for instance, you can block any website, uninstall the app if find it inappropriate, make the contact list shorter, etc. 

This feature of monitoring the target cell phone makes it impressively demanding for the parents. They love the feature of making PlayStore limit some apps to install. Thus, digital communication and using random apps can be managed well. 

If talking precisely about the supported apps then SE (2020 version), 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and 11 are the versions that are superbly compatible with the app. the app is smooth in running on all these devices and hence provides no hindrance, slow speed, or loading time.  

In case, if you have any queries about how to operate the tool, how to check the results or any other one, then contact customer care. Customer care is responsible for providing you with answers and solutions in a simple language and tone to make it resolved for you. 

The screenshot capturing remotely is also a marvelous feature of this app. it is one of such spy apps that provide direct access to the iPhone’s incoming or outgoing calls and records these. 

Further, it is a hidden app meaning it is not possible to detect this app on the targeted device. It makes it a superb option for users to try. The browsing data can be accessed along with the URL, location, time, date, content, etc. 

FleixSpy understands the needs of its audience and tries to provide with the perfect combination of features, specifications, and characteristics to them. The money-back guarantee within 10 days is claimed which enhances the trust level of the users. 

Amazingly, the refund policy of the app permits the users in asking for money back within 10 days of purchasing the subscription plan in case they do not find it much helpful. Discounts and sales on the pricing packages can also be achieved especially at times of special events. 

Supported Devices 

The supported devices and mediums are multiple like android devices, Macs, tablets, and iOS devices. 

Pricing Plan

Subscription Plan PriceValidity 
Trial Free1 day
Basic 29.95 $30 days 

Accessible Features 

Accessible Features 

  • Keyword tracking
  • Cheking and monitoring of the internet working or browsing history
  • WiFi blocking like websites
  • Calendar notes monitoring
  • Screen recording
  • Call logs 
  • Location via Geo-fencing, GPS tracking
  • Images and videos access 
  • Contacts list even the deleted contacts 
  • Social Media platforms monitoring like Kik, LINE, Skype, Messanger, Hangouts, Snapchat, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp


  • Video recording offers high resolution enhancing the visibility 
  • Specific activities of the user such as logging in and logging off are easier to be tracked. 
  • A real-time dashboard is provided by the app at the end of tracking to view the results 
  • iPhone cameras can help in taking images and videos remotely. 


  • It is a slightly expensive app and thus does not match the budget of everyone. 
  • Jailbreaking is a must thing to do for acquiring all the provided features of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get insight into Instagram’s direct messages safely?

The safest way of getting insight into Instagram’s inbox is by utilizing the Instagram spy tool. These apps provide a secure and effective way of tracking someone’s Instagram account and inbox. You can check the activity of messaging and media occurring in your inbox. Further, you will have the date, time, and person name with whom you are talking. 

Open the spy app after installing and connecting with the target cell phone. You will see a dashboard on the screen which shows all the data appropriately. 

Can I get access to the deleted messages on someone’s Instagram?

Yes, you can access the deleted messages of someone’s Instagram account. The simplest way of accessing this is the use of online spy tools. The Instagram spy tool like mSpy, EyeZy, uMobix, etc provide detailed messages that are sent, received, or even deleted. 

Are the Instagram, spy apps legal?

It depends on the reason for which you are accessing and utilizing the app. if you want to have parental control over your kids or track their activity on Instagram, then it is entirely legal. Tracking for harming someone or leaking their personal data is not legal and ethical at all. It also can cause legal penalties and monetary fines. 

In many countries and states, it is completely illegal to spy on someone without taking their consent, irrespective of the purpose. So get the right information related to this prior to utilizing the Instagram spy app.


Are you looking for an easy approach to spying on the Instagram account of someone? Then you can have the reliable Instagram spy tool online that is easy to use and offer bundles of benefits. mSpy and iKeyMonitor are amazing to provide great insight into the target person’s direct messages. These are compatible with both operating systems; iOS and android operating system, thus providing a higher range of accessibility.

Now more worries! Get the digital solution to your modern-age problems. The spy apps provide the best deals and packages as well as discounts or business plans to attract customers.  Try out any of the above-mentioned Instagram spy apps, explore the features and acquire the best of the services immediately. 

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