3 Best Android SPY Apps For Employers

Employee productivity continues to worry employers. Everyone, today, wants to monitor their employees in more ways than one, ranging from their performances to their well-being. Needless to say, with everything digitized today, much of what needs to be monitored can be accessed through the devices. 

The devices that you’ve provided your employees can be misused to play games or even do shopping online. Additionally there are so many apps and online platforms that can distract the employees all the time. That’s precisely why, more so than ever before, you need to install Android spy apps in your employees’ devices.

This brings us to the reality that there is a plethora of tracking software and app that claim to cover everything that you need and provide all the information regarding the employees’ activity. It is true that a majority of these apps will help you improve productivity levels, and create an accountability culture in the workplace, which in turn will encourage them to be more professional. However, instead of getting just any app to cover the basics, you’d be better advised to pick from the best.

After all, there is nothing more important than the dedication and commitment of your employees, which in turn is today made possible by spy applications that regularly check activities, and in turn performances.

To make your job easy, here are three of the very best Android spy apps, that cover a range of purposes, which can peace for your mind that right now is occupied by all kinds of work related worries.

  1. TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy app makes it easy to monitor your employee activities. It provides the user with myriad of features that can be employed on both iPhone and Android. Its top-drawer performance, user-friendly nature and outstanding features make this app a recommended one in the market. 


  • Email monitoring: View your employees’ inbox. 
  • Location tracking: Monitor the live location and previous locations on employees’ phone. 
  • Internet spying: Check the internet activities, including URLs and websites’ lists and commonness. 
  • Social media tracking: Get an access to all the instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Skype, Line. 
  • Phone logs: View all the details of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from employees’ phone.
  • Contact numbers: check all saved contact on the targeted cell phone.
  • Multimedia files: Find an access to all the photos and videos present in the device. 
  1. OgyMogy

OgyMogy takes employee monitoring to a whole new level. It comes with unique features to help the employers monitor the activities of their employees remotely. It provides you with the real-time monitoring feature so that you can observe the performance of your employee closely. 

With this app, you can monitor scores of employees at a time and get an access to monitor web activity, the websites visited and the duration of the site visits. You can find all the data by having a web-based account that gets uploaded on the cloud. This data is displayed in the form of charts and graphs that makes it easier for employers to check the employees’ activities. 

Some of its features are:

  • Remote monitoring: Monitor the activity on the computer remotely on a web-based account.
  • Internet usage monitoring: Monitor internet usage and activity, the applications used and search engine activity.  
  • Keylogger: Record all keystrokes including mouse clicks made on the target device
  • Screenshots: Take screenshots when a window is opened and URL is changed
  • audio-video control: view and record audio-video on the targeted cell phone device
  • Social media: Monitor social media websites and activity including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter.
  • Internet Messenger activity: View more than 20 messaging applications. 
  1. Securekin

Securekin essentially is a parental control software that monitors the targeted phone of a child or teen, but of course the same features can be used by an employer. Additionally this app can benefit those employers, who want peace both at the workplace and at home! 

Securekin works in a fashion that the target does not know his information is being monitored by someone. That makes it an ideal spy app. It runs in stealth mode in the phone’s background and uses an advanced technology in its features. 

Using this software, you can get the information about the stored files on the device, social media accounts, live location within seconds. You can activate all the required features on this app and get an access to your employee’s information. 

Securekin offers these features and more:

  • Call and SMS tracking: Gain a control of calls and SMS of your employee to save yourself from any fraud in the business. This app enables you to see the calling history of the target device and helps you monitor his outgoing and incoming messages on any app.
  •  Website tracking and blocking: Access the web history, the duration of your employee spent on a particular site and even bookmarked pages. Through this app, you can block any inappropriate content you find contrary to company’s defined rules. 
  • Email Spy: Enables you to monitor email exchange on the target device using its Email Spy feature. It will inform you about the target person’s details such as email information, the body of the email, and the time frame. 
  • Current location tracking: Find the live location of the target device. This enables you to trace the whereabouts of your employee and discover his surroundings. Securekin gives you real-time location of the target within seconds by using a map and displaying the location details. 

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