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What you Need to Know about Banweb GWU

Banweb GWU is currently being updated to improve accessibility. Starting in May 2019, users will be able to log in with their NetID instead of their six-digit PIN and GWID. In addition, the IT department is working on a “completely new class registration experience” that will include a more user-friendly interface and process improvements.

Updated to Support Banweb GWU user Accessibility

As of May, Banweb will support the use of NetID for login. Starting this spring, GW users will no longer need to enter their six-digit PIN or GWID to access the campus network. In addition, the IT department plans to create a new, more intuitive user experience for class registration.

Improved Banweb GWU workflow

With the banweb gwu template, you can streamline your document workflow and make it easier to manage and distribute documents. The template allows you to create and edit PDF documents and add an electronic signature. Once completed, you can print or download the document. You can also share it with others or contact signNow Support for more information.

Phased out of six-digit PIN sign-in

The IT department is working to improve accessibility on the Banweb site, which includes the ability to sign in with a NetID. Beginning May 2019, users will no longer need a six-digit PIN to access the site. The IT department is also working to redesign the class registration process, which will include process improvements and an intuitive user interface.

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