Want to become a developer? Here are the things you should know!

Many people are interested in becoming a software developer and although realizing that interest can be difficult at times, it does not prevent them from pursuing their dream. If you are one of those who want to become a software developer someday, reading this article in its entirety will be very useful. Software developers write and experiment with codes to create new software or improve existing software (in a better direction). This profession is perfect for anyone who has creative ideas and likes everything related to problem-solving.      

Today, most industries require software, and therefore, opportunities to work as a software developer are wide open. There are several “points of departure” that developers can use to start their careers. Some people may start with relatively simple languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Python, and so on. Others may jump from more complicated frameworks. For anyone who has no basic knowledge of programming, taking an online software development course could be a good start.

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All computer programs that we know today came from the creativity of developers. No matter how much code they write, everything comes from creativity because that is the source of the reason why a program/application was created. From old games from the 90s to today’s AI applications, everything comes from creativity. But a developer doesn’t have to be someone who builds everything from scratch, even though most of them design code from scratch.

Examples of developer tasks

As explained above, not all developers create all code from scratch. The tasks of the developers are quite diverse and can be described as follows:

Analyze: Developers analyze people’s needs for software. From that point on they can advise the coding team to design code that aligns with the real needs on the ground.

Designing and testing: Developers design code from scratch and also test the finished software.

Make a diagram model: They make a diagram that functions to describe the codes in the framework of making software or applications.

Documenting the process: They document the entire process of making software or applications as “important documents” for future software development.

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Is a software developer the same as a software engineer?

At first glance, they look the same as one another, but software developers tend to work in small areas such as developing applications or designing Internet of Things (IoT) based systems. Whereas engineers work on the bigger picture, it usually covers things (other than programming) like data analysis and scaling.

Still wondering what else it takes to become a good developer?

Here are some essential elements you should know if you want to become a well-rounded developer:

1. Learn basic languages like C++, Python, and of course Java. You will be able to confidently solve various problems and build programs. Without mastering these basic languages, it will be difficult for you to have a solid foundation on the world of software development. These languages work across multiple platforms, making it easier for you to experiment.

2. Take at least one online software development course. You can of course be self-taught but it’s easy to get lost in your own layman’s understanding. It is highly recommended to learn from experienced people because you can minimize mistakes and save time.

3. Don’t limit your creativity because one of the foundations of programming is unstoppable creative power. With creativity, you will be able to think of new things that may be useful and liked by many people.


There are several things needed to become a software developer, and the thing boils down to education. Software developers play a huge role in our modern society. Their work is not only valuable but essential to maintain many businesses, softwares, and products we use on a daily basis. You can find several important components to becoming a software developer, but the most important is enrolling in a Software Development program like the one here at ABM College.

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