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VUMC Outlook – How to Access VUMC Outlook

VUMC Outlook is a personal information manager that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is primarily used as an email client, but has many other features that make it a valuable tool for everyday life. Outlook also includes a calendar, contact manager, note-taking capabilities, and web browsing. Most VUMC computers come with this application pre-installed, and there are many resources available for users who need to learn how to use it.

Private label for VUMC Emails

Using the Private label on your VUMC Outlook emails is a secure email feature available to all VUMC employees. It’s available through the Sensitivity Labels feature in Microsoft Outlook, which enables you to choose the level of access restrictions for different types of data. The General label is the default setting and is appropriate for emails containing non-sensitive information. The Private label is a better option for emails that contain internal or potentially sensitive data.

This feature prevents recipients from forwarding the content. It also provides an option for recipients who don’t have Microsoft Outlook to authenticate the message. More information about Sensitivity Labels in Outlook can be found at the Enterprise Cybersecurity website. You can also read the Knowledge Article on Sensitivity Labels in Outlook.

Restricted label for Sensitive Content

VUMC Outlook has a Sensitivity Label for sensitive content, allowing employees to send sensitive content via email in a secure manner. This feature enables users to specify who can read or forward certain emails based on their security settings. For example, users can choose General, Private, or Restricted labels for emails sent from the VUMC domain. General is the default category, and it is best for sending emails that do not contain sensitive content. Private is for internal data that is potentially sensitive, and is not recommended for sending or receiving emails from outside the VUMC domain.

When a user uses a sensitivity label, it will appear in the document’s header and footer, as well as in the watermark. Users can also opt to remove the label by providing a justification. In some cases, a user may need to change the permissions of a document or folder, and this is also done through the Sensitivity label setting in Outlook.

When using multiple sensitivity labels in Vumc Outlook, the user can choose to include them in multiple policies. This way, a user can use any or all labels according to the policy’s priority order. This method also allows users to choose the sensitivity label that corresponds to their privacy settings. If multiple policies conflict with one another, the highest priority policy will apply.

VUMC Outlook Stored Web Pages

If you use the VUMC Outlook VMail system, you must configure your web browser to check for new versions of stored Web pages on every launch. You can do this by following five simple steps. In addition, you will need to select a file download location.

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