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VUMC Kronos – How Kronos Helps Vanderbilt University

During a Kronos outage, VUMC Kronos will rely on a manual timekeeping process to keep track of employee hours worked and PTO. The hospital is committed to paying its employees on time and will provide updates as officials learn more. This article will give you an overview of the company’s timekeeping system.

VUMC Kronos Training Modules

If you are a timekeeper or an employee, Kronos training can help you master the system. The various training modules cover various aspects of the system, including the use of readers and electronic clocks. These modules are designed to help you master the system, as well as the roles and responsibilities of different users.

Before Kronos, the VUMC used eTimesheet, a program that allowed non-exempt staff to electronically submit timesheets and have managers approve them electronically. This system was eventually replaced by Kronos, and now all VUMC employees use Kronos to record time. The system was also used for FACTr, or Financial Accountability and Compliance Tracking for Research, which was used for billing compliance in Clinical Trials, but was sunsetted in November 2017 with the implementation of Epic Leap. It is now used only for Professional services and is used by all VUMC employees.

Onboarding Portal

The VUMC Kronos Onboarding Portal allows employees to access and update personal information online. The portal includes a variety of resources and training that will assist new employees with their onboarding. Among these is an Occupational Health screening and required immunizations information. For more information about the Kronos onboarding portal, please visit the website.

VUMC uses the New Employee Orientation Period to help new employees adjust to the work environment, develop new skills and learn about the organization. This period usually lasts three months for hourly employees and six months for exempt employees. Internal transfers and promotions do not qualify for this period.

Reference Materials

Kronos is the electronic time and attendance system used at Vanderbilt University. It records the hours an employee works, and the amount of accrued leave they have used. Kronos is a web-based application and does not require the installation of software on workstations. Users access Kronos using a browser and Java version 8 update 51. If users experience problems using Java, a non-Java web-based version is also available.

Hours Worked

Hours worked at VMC are recorded in Kronos, an electronic timekeeping system that most hourly employees use. This system records worked hours, accrued leave and flexPTO. Kronos is a valuable resource that helps employers manage employees’ time. Below are some ways to access this system.


The Kronos Application allows you to manage your employees’ time off. Employees can request time off, and other supervisors can review and approve it. Kronos also features a Payroll Close Checklist that helps you ensure time off is properly tracked and approved. Whether you need to grant time off to employees or just keep track of your own schedule, Kronos can help.

The Kronos Application also has features for recording hours worked and comp time. Even if you don’t have a time clock, you can use the application to record your time. The application also includes an option for student employees without a time clock.

Information required for authorization

Before you can set up a Kronos authorization for your business system, you will need to provide information about your employees. This information will be stored by Kronos and will be accessible online. You can use the Kronos online tool to view accrual balances. In addition, you can set up alerts to receive an email when an employee does not report work.

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