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UW MedHub – What you need to know about UW MedHub

The University of Washington uses a system called UW MedHub for the performance evaluation of residents. This program uses different colors to indicate the completion of milestone elements. This graphic display makes it easy for CCC members to scan the resident’s progress and complete a review in a single meeting. In addition, MedHub can be used by both the residents and CCC members.

OTPortal UW MedHub

The UW medhub OTPortal is a resource for OTs, therapists, and administrators. The site contains a wealth of information, including forms, templates, Click and more. Users can access all of these resources by using their UW NetID login. This login is also used for other UW Health systems, including MedHub.

MedHub is an evaluation program that graphically displays completed milestone elements. It uses different colors to indicate the elements that have been completed. The graphic display allows CCC members to quickly scan the progress of each resident during a review meeting. This helps them complete their review of the residents in just one meeting.

milestone progress UW MedHub

The University of Washington (UW) is using an evaluation software called MedHub to track resident progress. The program uses a visual display with different colors to indicate completion of milestone elements. It allows the CCC to review the entire resident’s progress in one meeting. The program also uses ACGME-based evaluation questions to track milestone progress.

The GME Office has compiled several resources related to MedHub milestones. These resources include checklists, step-by-step instructions, workflows, and FAQs. The Stanford GME has also put together an update guide for MedHub milestones. The guide is available here.

client portal

The UW medhub client portal allows physicians, residents, and other health care providers to track the activities of residents and fellows. It also provides comprehensive documentation of resident/fellow activities. The web-based system is designed to increase patient satisfaction and foster collaboration with patients. You can also see a list of all participating institutions.

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