Uhi Brightspace – How to Use the Uhi Brightspace

To log into Uhi Brightspace, you can use your official username and password. If you are unable to login, you can contact the official support for assistance. You can also go to the Troubleshooting page for more information. There you will find a variety of troubleshooting steps for Uhi Brightspace.

Login to Uhi Brightspace

Having trouble logging in to your UHI Brightspace account? You are not alone. Over 85% of students say they are satisfied with their university’s Brightspace service. You can find troubleshooting guides and FAQs on the UHI Brightspace website. If you still can’t log in, contact their support team.

The first step to use brightspace is to create an account with UHI. Once you have an account, you should use it to access learning materials. This will allow you to submit assignments and download learning materials from blackboard. It also allows you to submit resit assignments. You can also view your child’s digital portfolio online.

Uhi Brightspace ePortfolio

UHI Brightspace ePortfolio allows you to create, share and comment on items. Items can be anything from web documents, form responses or course results. Each item has a list of unread comments and invitations. You can customize the list size. For example, you can set a default list size of five or ten items.

Login to Uhi Brightspace

Brightspace ePortfolio is easy to use. It allows you to share, comment, and assess the work of other students and lecturers. There are two ways to access this tool: you can visit your account page or visit the ‘ePortfolio’ tab from your Brightspace profile. The landing page shows your unread invitations, a text field, and attachments.

Presentation templates

You can use Brightspace’s presentation templates to create ePortfolio items that are easy to share. The templates include a Brightspace text editor and can help you embed videos from other websites. You can also insert links and organise the presentations into collections. You can choose a template that suits your personal style and add content.

Brightspace has a library that includes several templates that are compatible with different platforms and operating systems. They’re easy to customize and are suitable for most types of presentations. You can even include your own photos or other graphics.


Brightspace Reflections allow you to embed videos and other content from other websites directly in your presentations. You can also insert links and organise your reflections into collections and presentations. Brightspace reflections can be edited by students and added to presentations. Learn more about this powerful new feature. Below are a few ways you can use this new feature to create powerful presentations.

Brightspace ePortfolio is integrated with Brightspace and includes other Brightspace tools such as the competency tool. It also supports Mahara, another portfolio tool. Mahara comes with guidance and a tried and tested UHI use case.

Peer review

Brightspace’s peer review features give students the opportunity to evaluate their work and provide constructive feedback. The peer review tool is an extension of Brightspace’s discussion tools, which allow students to post their work and respond to peers’ posts in a collaborative space. The discussion tool also allows learners to upload audio and video files, making the peer review process more personal. In addition, students can use a rubric to give and receive feedback.

Brightspace also has features that students can use to provide peer review for course assignments. The platform is designed to be secure, with password protection for the reviewer’s work. Its features are similar to Blackboard’s.

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