LMS NUML Initiatives in Pakistan and Project Qalam NUST

Project Qalam NUST, the NCSC Al-Qalam Program and the National University of Sciences and Technology (Pakistan) are all great examples of this initiative. They have all served as ambassadors for their respective classes and have done a great job in simplifying the donation process and promoting unity. They also fight the darkness of ignorance and target both the student body and faculty. Here, we take a closer look at some of the programs and events that are taking place at the university.

Project Qalam NUST

NCSC, NUST’s community service club, launched Project Al-Qalam in 2015, in response to the number of out-of-school children in Pakistan and the financial crisis faced by many families. The project’s name, which means ‘the pen,’ is a powerful symbol of education. It helps to put children in school by providing them with the tools to succeed in school. Through monthly donations, the students at NUST pay for the registration fees of out-of-school children.

Through the support of the NCSC and donations from students, Project Al-Qalam is helping to ensure that every child has the right to an education. NCSC was awarded the MacJannet Prize in 2006 for this program, which aims to make sure that all children in the world have equal access to an education of high quality. The organization’s ethos is very simple, and it provides an insight into what motivates its members.

Al-Qalam Class Ambassadors

The Al-Qalam Program is run by student councils and selected class representatives, known as Al-Qalam Class Ambassadors. The program has two primary purposes. The first is to empower communities by providing basic education to children who are out of school. The second is to improve Pakistan’s educational infrastructure. Both goals are achieved by creating a student-run organization that has students and faculty volunteers serving as leaders.

In addition to serving as Class Ambassadors, the students are also elected as Vice Chancellor, President, Registrar, and Faculty of Education. The committee includes students of all backgrounds and language levels. The university is rated among the top private universities in the world for its quality of education and uninterrupted academic calendar. The university also boasts of a strong Muslim community that actively participates in societal development.

NCSC Qalam NUST Program

The Al-Qalam Program is a student run nonprofit that aims to provide quality education to out-of-school children. This organization has recently received a MacJannet Prize for its efforts. NCSC members volunteer to help the program by collecting donations from donors. The donations can be in the form of one-time gifts or a monthly donation. The Al-Qalam Program has grown to include more than 150 children.

Founded in 2012, the Al-Qalam Program combines Arabic, Islamic, and academic studies into one comprehensive program. The goal of this program is to awaken the Muslim community through a comprehensive understanding of the world. Allah’s mercy be upon Muhammad and all those who follow him. We sincerely hope you will consider donating to this educational initiative. And as always, we encourage you to donate to this worthy cause.

National University of Sciences and Technology (Pakistan)

The NUST Business School is part of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Previously known as the National Institute of Management Sciences, NUST Business School has an enviable alumni list and is known for producing top-notch students in the field of business and management. With over 70 years of experience in business, NUST Business School offers its graduates excellent job prospects in the country’s fast-growing manufacturing sector.

In 2013, the National University of Sciences and Technology (Pakistanian) was ranked 1568th in the world, 480th in the region and sixth in the country. Its reputation in the field of science and technology is further enhanced by its affiliation with renowned institutions. For example, in December 2001, NUST collaborated with CERN and was awarded Associate Membership. It also collaborated with Caltech on a project called ‘Interactive Grid Analysis Environment’. The University recently received US$0.18 million in research funding from the Islamic Development Bank.

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