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MyUSCchart – How to Access Your Health Information Online With MyUSCchart

Access your health information online with MyUSCchart. This patient portal offers secure, easy-to-use features that make completing forms a breeze. It’s available nine a.m. to eight p.m. Monday to Friday. Learn more about the website’s privacy policies and security measures.

Access to your health information online

Access to your health information online with MyUSCchart is easy, secure, and convenient. With this online patient portal, you can see your medical record, write notes, and contact your doctor. It’s also compatible with iPhones and Android devices. Whether you’re a new patient or have been in the hospital for a while, you can access your health records anytime, anywhere.

To get your records, first you must fill out a form that tells the provider you want to access your health information. The form includes a number of questions and requires your full name, contact information, and physical address. You can also provide a fax number or a secure email address. If you’re requesting paper records, you’ll need to fill out a separate authorization form and wait at least 30 days for them to arrive.

Privacy practices

The privacy practices for myUSCchart is an important consideration when utilizing a medical information system. Under HIPAA, the privacy practices must be adequate to protect patient information, and incidental uses must be limited. For example, a physician must not use patient information for any personal purpose without a valid reason. Furthermore, due to the nature of oral communications, overheard communications are sometimes inevitable, but can still be protected by using reasonable safeguards.

MyUSCchart adheres to the new federal law, which requires that health care organizations follow certain rules for maintaining patient privacy. This law ensures that hospitals comply with regulations regarding the use of patient information when providing care, getting payment and conducting internal operations. This law further restricts the amount of personal information that medical providers can access, and only allows them to access information that they need to provide treatment.

Changing your password

If you are having trouble signing into your USC account, you can change your password to something more secure. The password you choose must be eight to sixteen characters long and contain at least one upper and lower-case character and at least one number. In addition, it must be unique from your previous password. If you are unsure about what password to use, consult the IT Service Desk or Student Central FAQs for help.

If you’ve forgotten your password, visit the USC Password Reset page. After you enter your username and password, you will receive a security code sent to your alternate email or registered mobile phone. Once you have the code, enter it into the appropriate field. You can also access this page through the home pages of USC Central and Canvas. From here, you can also access the ‘Change password’ link on your home page.


DocuSign is a digital signature software that helps healthcare organizations streamline and automate processes. Its integration with EHRs, including MyUSCchart, allows documents to be signed and uploaded digitally. This helps healthcare organizations improve patient care and increase administrative efficiency. In addition, the technology helps healthcare providers improve the patient experience by automating forms and agreements.

USC uses DocuSign to enable employees to electronically sign and reassign documents. Employees can sign documents in a variety of locations, such as from home. Once signed, the documents are automatically forwarded to the next signer. They can also print a PDF copy of the completed document if necessary.

Keck Self Service Portal

The Keck Self Service Portal lets you manage your USCchart account online. You can view and print your test results, view your medical records, request a prescription refill, and more. It also lets you send secure messages to your physicians and request appointments. You can even view and request prescription renewals, as well as cancel your appointments.

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