Mozaik Portail – How to Login to Mozaik Portail

To log in to Mozaik Portail, you need to have your official username and password. To get a new account or reset your password, visit the Mozaik Portail Help Page. You can also contact the official support to get help. If you are experiencing trouble logging in to Mozaik Portail, visit the Troubleshooting page.

Mozaik Portail – mParent

If you are looking for a mobile application to keep up with your child’s activities, Mozaik Portal – Parent is a perfect choice. With this application, parents can track their child’s whereabouts, check report cards, and see a variety of updates from the school. You can register for the program by providing the email address you have on file with the school. The mobile application will automatically notify you when new information is available.

The Mozaik Portal can be accessed from your phone or computer. You must have an official email address to sign in, so you should make sure it is correct. If you’re having trouble, you can contact the school’s support. Or, you can visit their troubleshooting page for further help.


The Mozaik Portail is a web-based program that allows parents in Quebec to access their child’s school records and academic progress. The website also allows parents to view messages from the school and account statements. Parents can also access their child’s school records from their mobile or smart devices. Upon logging in, parents must enter their children’s full first and last names. The names must be entered exactly as they appear on their child’s school records.

The Mozaik Parent Portal is a secure and convenient way for parents to communicate with their child’s school. It allows parents to view their child’s file, including homework assignments and report cards. Parents can access the Mozaik Portal by creating an account with the e-mail address that their child uses at school. The Mozaik Parent Portal also allows parents to receive notifications when new information is posted.

Creating an account

Mozaik-Portail is a collaborative and communication tool that connects parents, teachers, students, and other stakeholders. This platform allows parents to view school records and other information on a mobile device. Parents can also send and receive messages from the school. It also acts as a hub for learning and collaboration.

To use the Mozaik parent portal, parents need to create an account. You can find instructions and help on how to create an account on the website. Once you have created an account, you will be able to view information about your child’s schedule, detentions, and homework assignments. You can also track your child’s bus schedule and other school information.

Publishing a mozaik extension

If you want to publish your own Mozaik extension, you can follow the steps below. However, before you begin, it’s important that you first understand the underlying technologies and how to publish an extension. You’ll also need to ensure that the extension you publish does not conflict with any other applications.

First of all, you should be aware of the Mozaik Privacy Policy. This describes how Mozaik collects and uses your information. This policy is an integral part of this EULA. If you disagree with any part of it, don’t use it. If it violates the Mozaik Terms of Service, don’t use it. Besides, it may be illegal to use the Mozaik name or logo without its prior written consent.

Besides, the End-User’s access to the Mozaik Content depends on the subscription. A subscription is available for a set period. The End-User can also make use of a trial version. However, you should remember that the functionality of the trial version is limited during the trial period.

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