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iLearn Sfsu – All you need to know about iLearn Sfsu

The iLearn Sfsu learning management system is iLearn. It’s a basic platform, but it could use a little improvement. For example, the site could have basic features like an easy way to see all grades at once. Also, I once found that a professor accidentally turned on a check option for questions, which would tell me whether I answered a question correctly and let me change it if I’d gotten it wrong.

iLearn Sfsu learning management system

SF State plans to phase out iLearn in favor of Canvas starting this fall, with a full transition expected in fall 2023. The system has served the school for 16 years. Prior to that, SF State used Blackboard Learn. The switch is part of a statewide initiative to unify campus systems, which is supported by state funding.

The system allows instructors to manage courses and interact with student resources. The system is based on the open-source Moodle platform, and includes some local customizations.

It is being phased out in favor of Canvas iLearn Sfsu

Starting this semester, SF State will phase out its use of iLearn in favor of Canvas. The transition is expected to be completed by fall 2023. iLearn has served as SFSU’s learning management system for 16 years. Prior to that, the university used Blackboard Learn. The transition is part of a statewide effort to unify campus learning systems. Funds for the project were included in the state’s 2021 budget.

After this transition, students will no longer be able to access iLearn courses in the “My Courses” area. However, instructors can create backup files of their iLearn courses and restore them in Canvas.

It allows for Zoom meetings

Zoom is a web-based video-conferencing application that allows for high-quality audio and video. It also allows for chat and other collaborative options. The SF State campus uses Zoom to facilitate group meetings and collaboration. Zoom allows for up to 300 participants at any time.

Students can join a Zoom meeting created by a teacher from within an iLearn course. Simply find the link created by your instructor and click on it. You can also create multiple Zoom meetings and share them among different classes.

It allows for file submissions

File submissions in iLearn are available for a variety of course types. Teachers can upload class syllabuses, PowerPoints, and Word documents. The limits for file types are 100 MB. Once a file has been uploaded, instructors can give feedback to students directly. To upload a file, navigate to the iLearn course page and click on the file submission icon. Files may be uploaded manually or via a file picker.

It allows for assignment submissions

iLearn enables students to upload documents and files for submission as part of their course work. The file-upload icon is a hand holding a piece of paper. Once logged into the iLearn site, students can locate the relevant assignment and click the “file submissions” button. Students can also use the manual file-picker to select files to upload. Some instructors also allow students to upload multiple files in a single submission.

When creating an assignment, make sure to specify the name and description. These will appear on the course page and the gradebook. In addition, include any instructions or information the student needs to complete the assignment. Also, list the dates on which the assignment will be due. You should also include the type of submission that the assignment requires, such as a video. If a video submission is required, direct the students to it, rather than to simply upload files. Also, specify how many points the assignment can earn.

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