How To Create Online Courses by XULA Brightspace

XULA Brightspace is a platform for creating online courses. It has a simple, yet powerful course creation system. It is a continuous delivery model and supports nearly any file format. The XULA team chose Brightspace to create a quick-start course, titled Learn Everywhere XULA. The course walks the user through the basics of a course and then expands on the advanced capabilities of the platform. Brightspace also lets you release content to students when certain conditions are met.

Course Creation By XULA Brightspace

Brightspace allows faculty to make changes in a course without having to re-enter it into Banner. Faculty can create and copy entire courses or specific components, and they can save them in both locations. After creating a course in Brightspace, it remains online for three semesters. After that, it can be deleted.

Brightspace is compatible with nearly every file type, and it also supports your target audience’s plug-ins. The ability to export your course to PDF format makes Brightspace one of the most flexible online learning solutions available. It is also highly configurable, so you can customize the system to suit your needs.

Brightspace is an online learning management system that helps faculty create and manage high-quality courses, regardless of the platform. Faculty can share content and collaborate on assignments from anywhere. Whether on campus or on the go, faculty can work seamlessly on assignments, assessments, and grading. Brightspace allows faculty to manage their courses and save time by reducing support calls and freeing up their technology team to focus on the overall online learning experience.

After evaluating the Brightspace course creation system, XULA decided to create a Quickstart course. The course, titled “Learn Everywhere XULA,” explores the basics of using the system and some of its more advanced features. The course also explains how to release content to students when conditions are met.

Continuous Delivery Model

In the Continuous Delivery model for XULA Brightspace, new features are continually rolled out to meet the needs of your business. New features include the ability to copy components between courses. Instructors can also copy release conditions and awards. These new features will streamline the creation and delivery of your learning content.

Support For Almost Any Type of File

Xula Brightspace can support almost any type of file. In addition to supporting the most common file types, Brightspace also supports plug-ins for the target audience. For example, Brightspace supports PDF files. To use Brightspace, students must have a PDF reader installed on their computers.

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