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How To Access Myblueprint TCDSB

The Myblueprint TCDSB website is a great resource for parents, students, and educators. It allows you to keep track of your course selections and create an IPP, or individual portfolio profile. You can even access the information after you graduate from Dufferin-Peel. It is also an excellent way to share your work with teachers and administrators. You can also track your grades and see what courses are the best fit for you.

Myblueprint TCDSB Digital Portfolio

The Myblueprint TCDSB website has an online tool that students can use to create a personal digital portfolio. This tool is mobile-friendly and is used by thousands of schools and colleges across the country to help students build a personalized Individual Pathways Plan (IPP). The site includes multiple career assessments and occupation matches, and it allows students to plan courses and compare post-secondary programs. It also gives parents an opportunity to track student activity.

Myblueprint TCDSB Course Selections

The myBlueprint program allows students to create a personalized digital portfolio and track course selections during the school year. It replaces the Career Cruising program and is designed to help students identify their skills and interests and identify the best course for them. It also includes information on post-secondary opportunities and helps students plan their schooling and career.

Myblueprint TCDSB

Students Can Create an IPP

If your student wants to make a plan for their future career, you can help them create an Individual Pathway Plan (IPP) on Myblueprint TCDSB. It allows you to keep track of your course selections and provide graduation requirements.

An IPP is a web-based tool that supports ongoing inquiry and development in four areas of learning. It helps students identify their interests and strengths and create an action plan to achieve these goals. It also helps them make decisions and set goals, which will help them succeed in elementary school, secondary school, and postsecondary education. The TCDSB provides guidance and support for IPP creation and revision at all secondary schools.

Students Can Access Their Information After They Graduate From Dufferin-Peel

Myblueprint is a portal where students in grades seven to 12 can create a personalized digital portfolio. It includes self-assessment surveys, educational pathways research, and other information that students can use to plan their high school and post-secondary education.

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