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How To Access CUNYfirst Student Center

CUNYfirst Student Center is an enterprise resource solution that allows CUNY students and faculty to move seamlessly through the CUNY system, connecting them to all the tools they need to manage academic activities. The CUNYfirst Student Center is the gateway to all academic activities, including course scheduling, payments, and administrative documents. Watch a demo clip of CUNYfirst Login to see how the system works, and learn about the different features.

CUNYfirst Student Center For Academic Related Activities

CUNYfirst is a portal for academic related activities on the CUNY campus. The self-service portal is accessible to students and offers the option of paying by credit card. All major credit cards are accepted and Nelnet Campus Commerce handles the process. To enroll in a payment plan, students must log in to the HR Campus Solutions, Self Service, Student Center, and click on the Finance tab. From there, they should follow the prompts.

CUNYfirst is a comprehensive, enterprise resource solution that allows students to seamlessly move through the CUNY campuses and connects faculty and staff to the tools they need to be successful. Among its many features, CUNYfirst includes the CUNYfirst Student Center. This portal is a one-stop shop for students, faculty, and staff to manage academic activities and financial records.

cunyfirst student center

It provides centralized immigration information

CUNYfirst is a centralized resource and service center serving students, faculty, and staff. It allows students to manage their academic careers in real time and gives faculty and staff powerful processes and tools to support their student interactions. It integrates human resources, finance, and student administration to meet the needs of students across the university.

The center provides legal and academic information, as well as an opportunity to network with other immigrant students. The center is headed by Dr. Carlos Carvajal, who was a former undocumented immigrant. CUNY has directed each college to appoint at least two student immigrant liaisons and is providing ongoing professional development for the staff.

CUNYfirst Student Center allows faculty to view rosters and class schedules

CUNYfirst offers faculty a secure portal through which they can view rosters and class schedules, assign grades, and advise students. Faculty can also manage their personal information and make changes to their emergency contacts and email addresses on demand. The system allows different departments to access the same student’s records, eliminating the need for faculty to visit multiple offices to get information.

Faculty members will find the system useful for various reasons, including its ability to allow faculty and staff to view rosters and class schedules for a wide variety of classes. The new system is also designed to allow faculty to easily transfer to other schools and register for classes online. It also offers training for faculty members and has reference guides to help them navigate the system. Faculty can view rosters and class schedules, check attendance, and access grades.

It accepts MasterCard and Discover Card

If you are a student at CUNY, you can make payments for your education with a MasterCard or Discover Card. Through CUNYfirst, you can use your card to pay for your tuition and other fees. A 2.65% service fee applied to the amount paid through a card. You will be notified of this fee prior to using the card. This fee appears as a separate charge on your credit or debit card statement. CUNY does not receive a portion of this fee.

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