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How Rlcraft Best Sword Enchantments Will Affect

Enchantments your sword will increase its effectiveness and make it unbeatable. Enchanting your sword is also a great way to stack with other powerful items such as overpowered armor and golden apples. However, you should be cautious when stacking enchantments. If you use the wrong enchantment, your sword will be weaker than the one it’s stacking with.

Curse of Vanishing Rlcraft Best Sword Enchantments

Curse of Vanishing is one the most powerful enchantments in rLcraft. It can be added to any item, and will give it a special effect. It will essentially turn your item into a ghost, and will not be able to be detected by players. As such, you’ll need to take extra care when using it.

Curse of Vanishing is a negative enchantment that is added around version 1.11. It was added in the Exploration Update, which brought negative enchantments into the game. The addition of this enchantment was most likely meant to balance the loot you gain by exploring the world.

Curse of Vanishing can be added to a variety of items, including a sword. It can also be applied to a fishing rod. You can learn more about Rlcraft Best Sword Enchantments the process in the Minecraft tutorial. The most popular items to enchant with the curse of vanishing are fishing rods and swords.

Curse of Vanishing is one the best RLS sword enchantments, as it can extend the life span of your items. It can also be upgraded to a third level. It will also increase the durability points of your enchanted items.

Minecraft tutorial Rlcraft Best Sword Enchantments

This enchantment makes your sword more durable by increasing the chance of critical hits. The sword will also deal three times more damage, meaning that it can kill more enemies at once. The best thing about this enchantment is that it does not deplete armor durability unless the player removes it. Curse of Vanishing will not work in Creative Mode.

Curse of Vanishing is one the best RLS sword enchantments, but it has a lot of disadvantages. It cannot be used on boots that are equipped with the Frost Walker enchantment. But it does increase the damage dealt to undead mobs. And if you are looking for an extra edge against undead mobs, this enchantment will help you immensely.

Curse of Vanishing is a powerful enchantment, and if you want to make sure your weapons stay with you no matter where you go, Curse of Vanishing is one way to go. It also prevents items from being taken from you after death. The Bane of Arthropods is another great rLcraft sword enchantment. It has a max level of 5 and an ID of 18.

Unbreaking III Rlcraft Best Sword Enchantments

Unbreaking III is a good sword enchantment that will increase the lifespan of your sword by ten times. It can also be used in conjunction with other enchantments to extend the lifespan of your items. In my opinion, this enchantment is one of the best sword enchantments available for Minecraft.

This enchantment increases your sword’s sharpness, making it more effective. It can be used on both swords and pickaxes. It will also increase the amount of items dropped when you kill mobs. The level of the enchantment varies based on the type of weapon you have.

To get this enchantment, you must have the appropriate level of the enchantment book. The book must be the highest level you can obtain for the item you want to enchant. Make sure the enchantment is combined with a defensive or offensive item.

Another great benefit of this enchantment is the increased durability of the item. When used properly, it can extend the life of your weapon by two or four times. It also increases the durability of your shield. This is especially important if you have a shield. Since shields take a lot of damage in a fight, you might have to repair them frequently. This is where Unbreaking comes in handy.

Another useful rlcraft sword enchantment is Bane of Arthropods. This spell can kill silverfish and spiders. Another one is Sweeping Edge, which increases damage when the sword is used on enemies. You can use it when fighting with silverfish and endermites. The maximum level of this enchantment is five.

Looting III

Looting III is an enchantment that increases the amount of loot that mobs drop. By using this enchantment, you will be able to get more meat and leather when you kill a mob, thus improving your gameplay. The best part is that you can get three to four drops from a single mob, depending on which kind of enchantment you use.

In the game, you can enchant your sword with Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Arthropods. These two enchantments add a bonus to your damage and make it more difficult for your enemies to hit you. These enchantments also make your sword stronger, allowing you to deal more damage with your sweeping attacks.

If you want to increase your damage when fighting mobs, use the Smite enchantment. The maximum level of Smite enchantment increases the damage you deal to arthropods. At maximum level, you can get 20.5 damage per hit, which makes it a great choice for combating undead mobs.


Another enchantment that you can use is Unbreaking. It gives your sword the ability to last longer. It also reduces the chance that it will be broken. Unbreaking is not compatible with most weapons, but it works on armors. It can also be applied to fishing rods and shears. However, you need to be careful when applying this enchantment, as it is rarely compatible with other enchantments. To apply Unbreaking to your sword, you must first get an enchanted book, which can be found in a chest.

The other best sword enchantment in RlC is sweeping edge. This enchantment will increase your sword’s sweep attack damage, which is particularly useful in the Nether. As a result, your sword will be more powerful than ever when slashing mobs. This enchantment has three levels. Depending on its level, it can do 50%, 67%, or 75% damage.

Fire Aspect is another one of the best sword enchantments in RlC. This enchantment will increase your weapon’s damage and increase its durability, and it will restore your sword’s durability each time you collect experience orbs.

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