DeVry Greenhouses – How to Get a Job at DeVry Greenhouses

If you’re looking for a great job in the greenhouse industry, DeVry greenhouses might be just what you’re looking for. Founded in 2004, this Vancouver-based company has grown significantly since its beginnings. After purchasing an existing greenhouse operation in Langley, BC, DeVry quickly expanded its product offering to include hanging baskets, herbs, and vegetables. In 2007, the company expanded its local presence and began new greenhouse construction.

DeVry Greenhouses offers more than 60 varieties of herbs and vegetables

DeVry greenhouses have over 60 different varieties of herbs and vegetables to choose from. Their hanging baskets contain slow-release fertiliser that helps the plants flourish. They also partner with several container suppliers to create attractive and functional pots. The DeVry hanging basket and planter committee monitors the performance of the baskets and makes improvements as needed.

It offers a slow release fertiliser

devry greenhouses

The slow release fertiliser is an excellent way to feed your plants without overfeeding them. This type of fertilizer made from pellets and has a hard or thin shell to help it release the nutrients into the soil gradually. It has shown to be effective for nine months at temperatures as high as 86deg Fahrenheit. In addition, it is very affordable.

Slow release fertilizers often preferred in home gardening because of their longer lasting effects and reduced application frequency. These fertilisers also require less water and effort compared to their fast-acting counterparts. Slow release fertilizers may be more expensive than fast-acting organic fertilizers, but they are much better for your plants and the environment.

Controlled-release fertilizers are another great option. These formulas are easy to use and give predictable results. They can used in conjunction with other soil supplements to provide full nutrition to your plants.

It has three locations in Canada

DeVry Greenhouses is a Canadian business that grows plants for stores. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas tree, a tropical plant or a beautiful succulent, you can find it at one of three locations. Working with DeVry means learning, being part of a team and rewarded for your hard work.

The company founded in 1949 by Arnold and Pete’s grandfather, Mr Dirk DeVrij. The operation expanded rapidly and became a one-stop-shop for growing annuals, herbs, vegetables, hanging baskets, and more. In 1962, Arie DeVrij and his wife Bertha became sole owners of the business. In that same year, DeVry started growing cut gerberas and other flowers.

DeVry Greenhouses is a great place to work

A job at Devry greenhouses is a great choice for someone who enjoys being creative, working hard and achieving success. You’ll work with a diverse group of people and have plenty of opportunities for advancement. The company is located in three provinces and has 60 acres of greenhouse space.

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