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Celcat Imperial | All you need to know

Celcat Imperial is a company that provides civil enforcement solutions. It is a great option for companies who want to protect their reputation and avoid penalties for violations. The company offers a wide range of services, including spoliation of evidence, rebuttal letters, and the collection and verification of documents. In addition, it can assist in the development of a compliance program.

ABOUT Celcat Imperial

As a student at Imperial College London, you may have already heard about CELCAT, a system which manages your module schedules and your attendance at lectures and seminars. However, you can also access a range of other features and services if you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop. These include route and timetable booking, the CELCAT Self-Service solution and MWA, which allows students to mark attendance on the go.

The most important feature of the CELCAT Self-Service solution is the ability to view your current and previous semesters’ schedules, and make room reservations in advance. This is done through a simple web interface. Similarly, the system’s mobile counterpart, MWA, offers the same functionality on tablets and smartphones.

About Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions Limited

Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions Limited (ICES) is an established UK company with over twenty years’ experience. It provides parking management systems, environmental management systems and traffic management solutions. The company’s aim is to help businesses, local communities and citizens improve their services and reduce risk. ICES utilises advanced technology and proven systems. They also provide consultancy, managed services and integration services. This ensures that clients benefit from a stable resource. Having access to the industry’s best expertise means that they can create more effective processes and improve performance.

Imperial is one of the largest providers of parking and traffic management systems in the UK. Their innovative technology and experience in delivering comprehensive and fully-integrated business processing solutions makes them a valuable partner for organisations. In addition, the company provides consultancy services, enabling clients to develop more effective, efficient processes.

Imperial provides a wide range of services, including managed services, integration, software development, and consultancy. By integrating these services, clients can ensure that they have a robust solution that will increase their efficiency, improve their performance and reduce their risk. As well as this, Imperial has established itself as a trusted and proven source for enforcement technology, thanks to its commitment to the development of this technology.

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