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Zirmed Waystar – How to Simplify Your Revenue Cycle With Zirmed Waystar

Whether you are a patient or provider, the Zirmed Waystar solution will provide you with leading-edge technology that provides patient access and provider reimbursement. This solution can also help you find the reason for a rejected or denied claim. It can also help you remove friction from your revenue cycle.

Find the reason of rejected and denied claims Zirmed Waystar

Managing claims is one of the most demanding tasks in a revenue cycle. In fact, recent analysis indicates that 86% of denied claims are avoidable. It’s no wonder that the cost of rejected claims can be quite high. And the cost can be even higher when you factor in the cost of resubmitting or reworking a denied claim.

Managing claims is a task that requires the right tools, processes and personnel. Waystar’s award-winning Claim Management Suite is an all-in-one solution for commercial and government claims. It’s designed to help you stay on top of billing, time-sensitive filing, and timely payment issues.

Appeal Management solution Zirmed Waystar

Waystar’s Denial + Appeal Management solution uses advanced technologies and process automation to streamline the entire claim-making process. By leveraging its proprietary technology, you can unify the rev cycle and prevent rejections from occurring in the first place. This solution enables you to manage your claims at scale while achieving high quality levels.

Its EDI Insight solution is designed to minimize denials for over 450,000 providers by combining groundbreaking technologies with full service client support. Its tools include an automated workflow solution, comprehensive claim validation, and real time eligibility verification. By implementing a claims automation solution, you can eliminate claim rejections, minimize claim handling costs, and improve the patient experience.

Waystar’s suite Zirmed Waystar

The best part is that Waystar’s suite of claims processing tools lets you keep track of the claims you send, the ones you receive, and the ones you send to other payers. You can even edit and correct rejected claims within Waystar. You can also download your remittance advice. Can even upload it to your EHR or a third-party clearinghouse.

Waystar’s Claims Management Suite is the only software that allows you to work on both commercial and government claims. Whether you’re a large medical group or a small solo practitioner, Waystar can streamline your claims-making process.

Acquires Recondo, Ovation and Connance Zirmed Waystar

During the past two years, Waystar has acquired six companies spanning six sectors. Waystar was founded by the merger of two leading revenue cycle management (RCM) companies, Navicure and ZirMed. The combined company has a proven track record of innovation, leveraging state-of-the-art user interfaces and implementing several transformational technologies. Among these are eSolutions, the leading provider of Medicare-specific revenue cycle technology solutions.

RCM technology

Waystar is a cloud-based RCM technology company that combines the best practices of healthcare payers and providers to deliver seamless healthcare payments and reimbursement solutions. Waystar’s cloud-based technology platform includes workflows powered by predictive analytics, enabling healthcare providers to maximize revenue and achieve sustainable financial performance. Among its offerings are predictive analytics, workflow automation, and vendor management software. Waystar will also provide government payer connectivity.


The company’s most recent acquisition, Ovation, will be integrated into Waystar’s platform. Ovation is an AI-powered claims monitoring tool that helps clients achieve cost savings and improved efficiency. Using advanced algorithms, Ovation monitors claims and analyzes data to alert clients of claims that are not properly submitted. The company’s products are also designed to identify inefficiencies in pre-authorization and eligibility processes, helping hospitals collect faster.

Waystar’s other recent acquisitions include a charity screening predictive analytics solution called PARO and the patient estimation technology Recondo. This combination will increase the speed and accuracy of all solutions. Connance, meanwhile, provides a novel approach to value-based care delivery by integrating data science into its workflow. It is also the only revenue cycle vendor to achieve HFMA’s peer-reviewed status.

Canada Pension Plan

Waystar has also teamed with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) to invest in the largest untapped pension fund in the country. This partnership will benefit patients and healthcare providers by helping to avoid unexpected medical bills. The company’s latest technology, the Hubble, will also provide patients with unprecedented visibility into their claims.

Provides leading-edge technology for both patient access and provider reimbursement

Providing an end-to-end cloud-based healthcare revenue cycle technology platform, Waystar simplifies the process of patient access and provider reimbursement. The company’s industry-leading solutions help providers improve financial health, reduce payer costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

Waystar offers a variety of healthcare financial clearance and reimbursement products, including: Financial Clearance Products, Care Coordination Solutions, Connectivity & Integration Solutions, Healthcare Business Analytics, and EHR & PM Solutions. The company’s solutions are designed to integrate easily with existing technology infrastructures. Using artificial intelligence, Waystar enables clients to collect more while improving their financial health. Using its financial clearance product suite, providers can expedite reimbursement and reduce the time spent on claims.

Agency Manager

Waystar also offers Agency Manager, which allows providers to view their invoices and resolve any discrepancies before invoices are sent out. In addition, the company’s Secure Bill Pay provides export/import capabilities. The company has also recently added Text Statements to its payment toolkit. These statements allow patients to view their medical bills on their smartphone. This helps to reduce patient distrust, which can lead to lower collections.

Waystar has also recently acquired Ovation Revenue Cycle Services, which uses advanced algorithms to monitor claims. This technology will be integrated into the Waystar platform. This allows the company to provide providers with unprecedented claims visibility. In addition, Waystar’s platform will be named Best in KLAS in Claims & Clearinghouse in 2021.

Medicare and Medicaid-specific revenue

Waystar has also recently acquired eSolutions, a leading provider of Medicare and Medicaid-specific revenue cycle technology solutions. eSolutions serves post-acute care, durable medical equipment providers, federally qualified healthcare centers, and senior living facilities.

Waystar’s new artificial intelligence platform, called Waystar Analytics, will be released in July 2020. This platform will give nearly 500,000 healthcare providers unprecedented claims visibility.

Removes friction across the revenue cycle

Providing end-to-end cloud-based revenue cycle technology, ZirMed offers healthcare organizations the tools they need to optimize revenue. With an industry leading transaction network and breakthrough predictive analytics technology, ZirMed’s solutions are designed to improve revenue and patient satisfaction. The company also offers financial performance management solutions to help healthcare providers achieve their financial goals. Using the latest technologies and industry-leading practices, ZirMed is dedicated to helping healthcare providers navigate the changing healthcare landscape.

Business since 2001

The company has been in business since 2001, and provides solutions to 750 health systems, 5,000 payers and more than 350,000 providers. The company’s offerings are complemented by in-house support and consulting services. The company’s platform supports the largest number of payers in the healthcare industry, and is capable of handling billions of transactions annually. As a result, it’s a good fit for a growing number of providers looking to maximize revenue while improving the patient experience. The company also offers a free online resource center with interesting articles and videos for its users. The company has been the recipient of multiple prestigious awards, including the Black Book’s #1 healthcare technology award for the past two years, and its burgeoning portfolio of solutions will allow it to continue to grow at a pace that’s more than a match for any competitor.

Is a good tool for Medicare and non Medicare Billing

Using a cloud-based platform like Waystar is a great way to simplify your revenue cycle. It eliminates the time-consuming, cumbersome manual processes that often cause claims to be denied. This makes it easier for providers to focus on patient care. It also helps prevent costly errors.

Waystar offers a full suite of solutions to help healthcare organizations improve their revenue cycle. This includes insurance eligibility verification, automated prior authorizations, and up-front estimates of patient responsibility. This allows providers to better serve their patients and build patient loyalty. Waystar also offers a free resource center to help healthcare providers learn more about their solutions. It also has a series of informative webinars for healthcare providers.

Medical bills Zirmed Waystar

When patients receive unexpected medical bills, it can be difficult for them to know who is responsible. In addition to confusion, inaccurate cost estimates can also lead to patient distrust. Waystar’s insurance eligibility verification is a great way to prevent this problem. The company has developed a machine learning technology to automate the process.

It’s also possible to implement insurance eligibility verification within an EMR. This helps providers identify problems before they begin. It also makes switching easier.

Government payers Zirmed Waystar

Waystar will be the first healthcare technology platform to unite commercial and government payers. This will make it easier for providers to collect full reimbursement. It is also possible to automate denial and appeal management. Most providers can benefit from this solution.

Waystar’s platform is built on the latest AI technology. It is one of the first companies to implement AI in healthcare. Uses machine learning to streamline the process and make it more transparent for patients. It is also one of the first companies to offer a full suite of solutions for healthcare payment processing.

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