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What You Should Know About LMS Bahria

Learn about LMS Bahria and admission procedures in our educational center. We have also listed the Courses we offer, Career opportunities and the Maritime Works Organization-Bahria Foundation. Read on to learn more! Listed below are some of the most important things you should know about LMS Bahria. Read on to discover why we are the best institution for maritime education in the country.

Admission Process at LMS Bahria

If you have an educational background outside Bahrain, you can take the equivalency test to prove your eligibility for the program. Once accepted, you can log into the Bahria Online Student Services (formerly known as SIS) to register for courses. Once you are accepted, the next step is to complete a placement test to determine which courses you will take. After that, you can proceed with the registration process. Once you have finished the test, the results will be released on the LMS.

AUBH is a new, comprehensive American-style co-educational university in Bahrain. Founded in collaboration with the United Kingdom Open University, the program is a private, Arab institution of higher learning. It emphasizes interaction between faculty and students, fostering an integrated educational experience for all students. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge beyond the classroom and into the real world, as applied in the workplace. The AUBH also offers a generous scholarship program for international students.

LMS Bahria
LMS Bahria

Courses offered

LMS Bahria is a leading online educational platform that enables distance learning and complements traditional teaching. Its core features include course management, education delivery, and gamification. The company has expanded its reach in the Kingdom with the launch of its services in Bahria, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai through IOTech Solutions. The company offers courses in English, Arabic, and other languages. For more information about the courses offered at LMS Bahria, contact the responsible person.

The campus’s HVAC online training course offers a variety of benefits to students. During the training program, students are involved in grooming sessions. Their HR team helps them develop their personality and communicate their points in a clear and confident manner. They are also provided with corporate study materials and take part in mock interviews and exams. Courses at LMS Bahria are taught through a variety of modes, including traditional lectures, webinars, teleconference, and online discussion forums.

LMS Bahria Career Opportunities

Looking for career opportunities at LMS Bahria? Then read on to find out more about the various job profiles and their corresponding salary packages. There are a number of different job roles available for both freshers and experienced professionals. Job opportunities at LMS Bahrain range from government departments to multinational private companies. Listed below are some of the most notable ones. You may want to start with a fresher role if you are not yet experienced in the field.

LMS Bahria
LMS Bahria Opportunities

Maritime Works Organization – Bahria Foundation

The Maritime Works Organisation – Bahria Foundation is a non-profit organization in Pakistan that is committed to jumpstarting Pakistan’s maritime industry. With a focus on offshore hydrocarbon exploration, the foundation is developing maritime resources such as ports, shipyards, and other offshore facilities. Its education program provides a broad spectrum of opportunities for Pakistan’s students to obtain their college degrees.

The Foundation was established by the Government of Pakistan in 1982 as a Charitable Trust under the Endowment Act 1890. Its operational activities are overseen by a Committee of Administration which includes the Chief of Naval Staff, the Managing Director of the Foundation, and eight other members. The Foundation is run by a Managing Director, who conducts all commercial and administrative activities. The Foundation also has a Board of Directors, which oversees the Foundation’s operations.

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