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What you need to know about IMS2 Low Power Driver Motherboard

An IMS2 low power driver motherboard is a device that is designed to test the IMS2 half-bridge driver. It is available in the market today and is a low-cost way to test the IMS2 driver. It is available in different configurations, including low-power and full-power configurations.

GaN Systems GS-EVB-IMS2-XX Low Power IMS2 Evaluation Platform

The GaN Systems GS-EVB-IS2-XX Low Power IMS2 Evaluation platform is designed to allow users to evaluate IMS2 semiconductor devices. This platform is composed of two components, a low power driver motherboard and an EVB board. Each board can handle up to 300W of power. The low-power driver motherboard is provided without a heat sink, so it is important to monitor the board’s temperature.

The IMS2 Evaluation Platform from GaN Systems enables power engineers to evaluate the thermal and electrical performance of GaN power transistors in low-power applications. The low power design allows power engineers to take full advantage of the unique characteristics of GaN power transistors, while the standard 8×8 mm PDFN form factor facilitates customer adoption.

IMS2 Evaluation Platform IMS2 Low Power Driver Motherboard

The IMS2 Evaluation Platform features a thermal camera for monitoring device temperatures. The temperature of the center package will be close to the TJ. The thermal performance of a transistor depends on a variety of factors, including ambient temperature, airflow, and the heat sink.

This evaluation platform is available for order now. It can be purchased at distributors. For more information, visit the GaN Systems website. You can also contact GaN Systems’ representatives by appointment. They can be found at booth 1147.

The IMS board offers advantages over the TH alternative, including lower mounting costs and lower risk. The IMS board also has lower thermal resistance in transition to the heat sink. In addition, the IMS board offers superior thermal conductivity and a small footprint.

GaN Systems GS-EVB-IMS2-XX IMS2 Low Power Driver Motherboard

GaN Systems has introduced a low power driver motherboard that combines a high-density GaN FET with a low-power driver. The board uses two HEY1011-L12C GaN FETs and a 650 V, 60 A GaN e-mode transistor. This board features reduced overall component count and BOM costs.

The IMS2 low-power driver motherboard is available in two versions. The first one is a half-bridge version. The other is a full-bridge version. The full-bridge version of the board is a high-power design.

The motherboard and daughterboard combination features reference designs for power design engineers to test 650 V GaN e-HEMTs. The vertical mount style daughtercard is 35 mm high and meets the 1U design requirements of most power supply units. In addition, the evaluation board offers a universal footprint, allowing designers to investigate performance at different power levels.

GS-EVB-IMS2-xX low power driver motherboard

GaN Systems offers a wide range of power driver products for various applications. The GS-EVB-IMS2-xX low power driver motherboard is available at several distributors worldwide. You can download a datasheet and read more about the products from the GaN Systems website.

The IMS2 half-bridge power board from GaN Systems is filled with GS66504B bottom cooled E-HEMTs. These devices offer higher output power density with a lower temperature. It is ideal for televisions, servers and consumer power supplies. Its SMT packaging and low thermal impedance make it a highly efficient solution for power-hungry applications.

The GS-EVB-IMS2-xX low power driver motherboard offers a wide range of features and is designed to provide performance. Its LGA1151 socket makes it easy to connect to peripherals. Moreover, it supports up to 32GB DDR4 SDRAM. This product has good reputation among customers. It has received positive reviews, including reports of improved health, weight loss, and increased energy.

GaN Systems GS-EVB-GMS2-XX low power driver motherboard benefits include lower thermal resistance, lower mounting cost, and better safety. Compared to the TH alternative, the IMS board is a safer choice as it does not pose the risk of thermal failure.

IMS 2 half-bridge power board

The GaN Systems IMS 2 half-bridge power board uses bottom-cooled E-HEMTs and a large power source. The board also features bottom-refrigerated packaging and a thermal design that uses advanced IMS/Cu inlay technology. The board has a large copper surface area that maximizes heat dissipation.

The IMS 2 evaluation platform consists of two parts: the IMS 2 EVB board and the IMS 2 half-bridge power board. Each board comes in a 300W or 500W configuration. The low-power driver motherboard does not come with a heat sink, so it is important to add a heat sink to your application. Also, it is important to monitor temperature levels and maintain a constant temperature.

The GaN Systems evaluation board is not a finished product. As such, it is not suitable for general consumer use. The board may not meet the technical requirements required by directives and regulations. It is also not cover by any warranties. This includes any implied warranties, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

High-power applications benefit from the IMS board. Its thermal resistance and mounting costs are lower than those of TH alternatives. The IMS board is also less expensive and less prone to human error. The board is also more reliable. It is a good choice for high-power applications, which require a large amount of power.

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