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What you need to know about Charlinda Tubbs?

Charlinda Tubbs is a singer who is most recognized for her song, “Poison Ivy”. She has many other songs that she is known for. Her family includes her father, David, and mother, Linda. The couple have a daughter, Jessica, who is also a singer. They have five other children, all of whom are very popular.

Name – Charlinda Tubbs

If you have found yourself wondering about the name of Charlinda Tubbs, you may be interested in finding out more about her. She has an interesting background and has lived at many different addresses throughout her lifetime. There is even an entry on her in the public records. This entry gives details about her personal history and includes some of her relatives. It also provides information about the addresses where she has lived.

She is an American who has lived in California. Her address at one time was in Beverly Hills, CA. However, she is currently a resident of Downey, CA. She has a past address in Long Beach, CA. In addition, she has also lived in Lynwood, CA, and 11206 Hulme Ave.

She has a sister called Karen Anderson. They were raised together by their parents. She has been involved in many different types of jobs, including being an actress, and has worked with many people in her career. One of her former co-stars was Suge Knight. Although she hasn’t married, she may have. Another person named Olga Tubbs is also related to her.

She has an important position as a member of the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The courthouse is located in Downey, CA.

Age – Charlinda Tubbs

When it comes to the age of Charlinda Tubbs, there is no need to wait for an official birthday celebration. Luckily, there are plenty of birthday cards on the web to choose from. Fortunately, she is not the only one with an unusually long age.

The age of Charlinda Tubbs is not known for being the longest or the shortest. However, she has resided in several cities, including Downey, CA, Long Beach, CA, and Lynwood, CA. She has also logged a number of miles, as she has sailed across the country several times. As such, her biographical information is fairly comprehensive. It doesn’t come as a surprise that she is married, though she is not yet publicly known to have taken the plunge.

She is also known to have used aliases, such as Charlinda M Knight, Charlinda M Tubbs, Charlinda M Tubbs SR, and Charlinda M Tubbs. In fact, if you were to ask any of her relatives about her, you would probably get a variety of answers.

she has resided in several cities, including Downey, CA, Long Beach


Charlinda Tubbs is an actress and producer who has been active in the industry since the early 1970s. Although she has never been married, she has been seen with a number of notables, including Norris Duayne Anderson and Carl Chatman. Charlinda Tubbs is probably best known for her work in the film The Last Boy on Earth. She has also worked with the likes of Gladys Vargas and Kenneth C Taylor. As of 2015, she was living in Long Beach, CA. You might be wondering how she came to be associated with the aforementioned actors. Well, she and Suge Knight share the same surname, and they were raised together, and they are friends to boot.

Charlinda is the daughter of Marion Hugh Knight Senior and Maxie Knight. She is also the sister of another woman named Karen Anderson. In addition to being an actress, she is also an author and a television producer.

Family – Charlinda Tubbs

During the time of the Irish famine, Michael Tubbs, a worker, traveled to the United States. He brought Eliza with him from Dublin. After arriving in the United States, he worked as a construction worker. He later moved to Long Beach, CA. There, he met his wife and they had two daughters. Their daughter, Olga, is related to Charlinda Tubbs.

While it is not known whether or not Charlinda married, it is possible she did so. In fact, she has lived at different addresses throughout her lifetime. At one point, she lived in Lynwood, CA. She also spent time in Downey, CA and Beverly Hills, CA. Additionally, she was known to have used aliases such as Charlinda A Tubbs, Charlinda M Knight, and Charlene A Tubbs. Her entry provides an outline of her background, including her address history, relatives, and phone numbers.

She may have also worked with Carl Chatman, Norris Duayne Anderson, and Kenneth C Taylor. Although no information has been found about her marriage, it is possible she married someone else, or may have gotten married later in life. Those who were related to her, such as her mother and father, may be able to provide more details about her.

During the time of the Irish famine, Michael Tubbs,

Marital status

Charlinda Tubbs is a female, who has lived in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. She was a high school dropout who later attended UCLA, where she earned an engineering degree. Although her Wikipedia page indicates she is single, it does not provide any evidence that she has been married. However, a quick Google search for Charlinda Tubbs does reveal she has been living in the same apartment complex in Lynwood for a while. Also, she may have had a love affair with a friend, who was the subject of a recent article. In addition, she has also resided in Beverly Hills and Long Beach, CA.

Famous siblings

Suge Knight is one of the most famous names in the rap industry. He is a businessman and a rapper who has teamed up with other hip hop stars such as Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg. He also co-founded Death Row Records. However, he was accused of orchestrating the killing of Notorious B.I.G. and was convicted in 2010.

The rapper was born in Compton, California, U.S.A., on April 19, 1965. His parents were Marion Knight and Maxine Chatman. He attended Lynn Wood High School and graduated in 1983. Later, he attended El Camino College. During his high school years, he was nicknamed Sugar Bear.

Before being in the rap industry, he was a workman in Ireland. His family relocated to the United States during the Irish famine. Charlinda Tubbs is one of the many siblings of Suge Knight. They were raised together. Aside from Suge, she has a sister called Karen Anderson. This is where the name “Suge” comes from.

She has lived in different locations throughout the years. Some of the addresses she has lived in include 6485 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach, CA, 8605 7th Street in Downey, CA, and Po Box 3037 in Beverly Hills, CA.

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