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What is the VPSB Student Progress Center?

The VPSB Student Progress Center is an internet-based platform that allows parents and other concerned parties to view information about a student. To use the Student Progress Center, you will need to register and set up a user and password. Next, you will need to select whether you are related to the student. You can do this by entering the last name and last five digits of the student’s SSN. Finally, you will need to enter an email address. If you’re a parent, you’ll need to provide the student’s parent’s email address.

Students can track attendance

The Student Progress Center is a web-based program for parents and students to keep track of a student’s attendance, grades, discipline, transcript, and state test scores. The system is available to students in grades five through twelve. After students register, parents and students can view the students’ progress and attendance in real time.

VPSB Student Progress Center Grades

The Student Progress Center (SPC) is an online platform where parents can access information about their students’ progress. The site requires users to register with a user name and password. Once registered, the user must select the relationship they have with the student, enter the student’s last name and last five digits of SSN, and enter their parent email address.

VPSB Student Progress Center Assignments

In the student progress center, click on Assignments. This will show a list of students and their assignments. Teachers can then click the feedback button to give feedback to individual students. Teachers can also sort the list by using headers. The first column will list student names. The other columns will show whether students have turned in their assignments.


The Student Progress Center will post progress reports and report cards on the designated dates. If students have a question, the teacher can answer it through this tool. Parents may also use the student progress center to view progress reports and report cards.


Discipline at Student Progress Center is a digital platform that parents and guardians can use to access their child’s school information. Using the site, parents can view grades, attendance, behavior, discipline, transcript, state test scores, and communication. All students have an account in the Student Progress Center, and parents can access this information at any time to view reports and monitor their children’s progress.

State test scores

The State test scores for student progress center is a new way to measure student progress in school districts. The results of the test are reported to parents and teachers in quick turnarounds. They are also used for state accountability. However, there are some concerns with state test scores. Some say they are too late to measure improvement, and that they don’t reflect academic growth.

Student progress reports and report cards are now being published online through the Student Progress Center. Students in grades five through twelve will be able to access these documents at noon on designated dates. The Student Progress Center also tracks discipline, attendance, state test scores, and communication. All students are given access to an account, so parents can check their child’s progress.


The Vermilion Parish School Board VPSB Student Progress Center is an internet-based platform where parents can view student information. To access the information, parents must register and login to the site with their user name and password. To register, they must select their relationship to the student, provide their last name and the last 5 digits of the student’s SSN. In addition, they must have an email address.

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