What is the Best Fish to Put with Your Female Betta fish?

Female betta fish are beautiful and unique pets that can add a burst of color to any home. While male bettas are the more common variety, female bettas have become more popular as people learn about their unusual but fascinating habits. If you have a female betta, you must know what to put with her to keep her happy and healthy. Female betta fish are smaller than their male counterparts and less aggressive. They’ll get along better with smaller, gentler tank mates such as other female bettas or maybe some schooling fish like neon tetras, white cloud minnows, or ghost catfish. Here is a list of the best fish to put with your female Betta fish:

The Best Fish for Female Bettas

Betta fish get their name from their origins in Thailand where they were kept in small pots or jars. They were often kept with gouramis and other small fish, but when they’re grown they can become aggressive and territorial. If you have a male betta, you’ll need something bigger and less aggressive.

If you have a female betta, you have more options, but you should still keep a few things in mind. Female bettas are smaller and less aggressive, which makes them a good choice for a community tank that has other fish and shrimp in it. Make sure you choose fish that are smaller than your betta so she doesn’t become aggressive toward them.

Bristle-less Shark

A bristlemouth shark is a great option for your betta. It’s often overlooked when people think about adding fish to their aquarium because most people don’t know this species exists. It’s a great example of how fish can be different from what we expect. This species of sharks are brackish water fish that do best in a specific salinity of the water. They can be kept in your freshwater aquarium and make a great addition to your female betta’s home.

The bristlemouth shark will get to be about 7.5 centimetres long as an adult, so you’ll want to make sure you have a large enough tank to keep it in. This species comes in a variety of colors, so you can even find a color that goes with your betta. These fish are fairly active swimmers and like to explore their environment. They are best kept with other brackish water species, so they’ll have companions in your tank.

Pale Chub

The pale chub is a small fish that will only grow to about 1.5 centimetres long as an adult. It’s a bottom dweller that won’t bother your betta as long as she doesn’t bother it. If your betta is curious and likes to explore, she may nip at the chub, which could injure it. This should be avoided because the chub will be in the same tank as your betta and other fish, and it could be infected with parasites or diseases that could make your betta sick.

This species of fish needs plenty of hiding places so it can retreat to safety if it feels threatened. You should provide it with plants and decorations that it can get under so it can avoid your betta. The pale chub is a peaceful fish that doesn’t get very large and prefers soft, slightly acidic water.

Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is a small schooling fish that will add a burst of color to your tank. It’s best kept in groups of three or more, so it can be kept with your female betta. A single neon tetra may not thrive in your tank and could become sick, especially if your betta is unwell too. A group of at least three fish will be more likely to thrive in your tank because they’ll be able to help each other if one becomes ill or injured.

A neon tetra is a great option if you want a fish that is colorful and will add movement to your tank. It won’t bother your betta and can live in the same water conditions as your betta. They prefer cooler water, so they can be kept with your betta in the cooler months when the water in your house might be too warm for them.

White Cloud Minnow

If you’re looking for a fish that won’t be too demanding of your aquarium’s space, try the white cloud minnow. This species of fish is small, reaching only about 1.5 centimetres long as an adult. They are also peaceful and easy to care for, making them a great choice for your betta. The white cloud minnow will add some color to your tank, but it’s not a particularly vibrant fish.

It prefers cooler water and likes to stay near the bottom of the tank, so it can be kept with your betta. They don’t need any special decorations or plants in your tank and prefer a tank with low light. The white cloud minnow can be kept in a group of three or more, so you can keep a few in your betta’s tank.

Ghost Shrimp

If you want to add some shrimp to your tank, the ghost shrimp is a great choice. It doesn’t grow very large, and it’s easy to care for. It’s a hardy shrimp that will eat leftovers that fall to the bottom of your tank. This helps keep your tank clean, but you do need to make sure your betta doesn’t eat the shrimp.

The ghost shrimp is colored a reddish-pink color, so it may clash with your betta’s coloring. If you keep your tank dim, you may be able to hide this color. The ghost shrimp prefers cooler water, so it can be kept with your betta during the cooler months. You can keep it in a separate tank during the summer when your house is warmer.

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