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Various Types of Birth Control You Can Use

Birth control is a significant consideration for many people looking to avoid pregnancy. There are different reasons a person may wish to avoid pregnancy, including health and economic reasons. However, choosing the right method to prevent pregnancy can be difficult. Different types of birth control Hawthorne have developed thanks to medical advancement. Some contraceptives need a doctor’s prescription, while others, you can purchase from a chemist. You should know the right kind of contraception depending on your lifestyle, medical history, and preferences. Below are various methods of birth control you can use.

Permanent Birth Control

Controlling birth permanently, also referred to as sterilization, is a contraceptive method that you cannot reverse when you do it. This method is a highly successful birth control system with a higher success rate. In females, doctors surgically block the fallopian tubes, while in men, they perform sterilization by closing or cutting the vas deferens. You can reverse these procedures though chances of success are minimal. Thus, you should discuss this matter with a doctor before deciding.

Use of Condom

Condoms are one of the most used birth control methods, and they effectively prevent pregnancy. It normally prevents the sperm from entering the uterus by working as a barrier. When you use a condom, you can save yourself from sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea. However, when you put a condom incorrectly, it can lead to an unexpected pregnancy. Therefore, for maximum effectiveness, you should consult an expert for more knowledge on using a condom.


This contraceptive method involves putting a tiny open-ended rod on the upper arm skin. This implant produces a hormone that prevents ovulation; hence you cannot get pregnant. It can stay in the body for about three years, and in most cases, it is highly successful. Compared to other forms of sterilization, which need daily use, implants only require insertion and later being taken out by your doctor. However, it can lead to side effects, like mood changes and irregular bleeding.

Taking a Pill

You can take a pill orally every day as a method of controlling birth. The pill contains fake hormones which interfere with your ovulation and condense cervical mucus, preventing sperm from getting into the egg. Using pills reduces menstrual cramps, helps regulate your period, and minimizes the risk of getting certain cancers. Nevertheless, this method can have side effects, like headaches and nausea. Thus, you should use instructions when taking the pill and consult a specialist if you experience any challenges.

Pull-Out Method

This method is another effective form of controlling birth. This method involves removing your penis from the vagina before ejaculating. Pull-out prevents your sperm from getting into the vagina and reaching the egg. You should use this method carefully because the chances of getting pregnant are high. Still, there can be withdrawal challenges as it is challenging to time the withdrawal exactly, and pre-ejaculate can have sperms. You should discuss it with a doctor to learn how to execute it properly and timely.

There have been various options of birth control types to choose from to avoid unexpected pregnancies. You should discuss with your healthcare provider to understand the possible risks and methods suitable for you depending on your preference and individual preferences. Birth control does not prevent unwanted pregnancy alone, as it can have other benefits, like regulating menstrual cycles for ladies. Also, it manages your hormonal imbalances and minimizes the risk of getting certain cancers. Thus, by knowing different contraception ways, we can take control of our reproductive well-being and make good decisions.

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