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Uncle Henry’s Pets Maine | What you need to know

For generations, Uncle Henry’s Pets Maine has been providing New Englanders with quality pet products and services. Started in 1946 in the small town of South Berwick, Maine, the family-owned business has since grown to become a staple in the community. Their mission is simple: provide customers with safe, reliable, and well-made pet supplies that are sure to bring joy to their furry friends. In addition to offering a wide selection of products, they also strive to provide high-quality customer service and support. Whether you need food for your cat or treats for your dog, Uncle Henry’s Pets Maine has all of your pet needs covered. Read on to learn more about this beloved local business and how they can help bring a smile to your pet’s face!

Uncle Henry’s Pets Maine: All The Love & Joy That Comes With Adopting A Pet

If you’re looking for a furry friend to add to your family, look no further than Uncle Henry’s Pets Maine! We have all the love and joy that comes with adopting a pet, and we’re committed to finding the perfect match for you and your home.

We have a wide variety of animals available for adoption, from dogs and cats to rabbits and guinea pigs. No matter what kind of pet you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the perfect one. We also offer a variety of services to help you take care of your new pet, including grooming, training, and vet care.

Adopting a pet is a big decision, but we’re here to help make it easy. Come visit us today and find your new best friend!

The Best Place To Find A New Pet For Your Family

There are a few things to consider when looking for a new pet for your family. The first is what kind of animal you are looking for. If you have young children, a smaller pet like a cat or dog may be best. If you have allergies, consider a hypoallergenic breed of dog or cat. you have a lot of space, an animal like a horse or goat might be a better fit.

Once you know what type of animal you are looking for, the next step is to find a reputable breeder or adoption agency. Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations. Once you’ve found a few potential places, do some research on them to make sure they are reputable and have healthy animals.

When you’ve found the perfect place to get your new pet, the next step is to prepare your home for them. Make sure you have all the supplies you need, such as food, water, toys, and bedding. You will also want to create a safe space for them to sleep and play in. If you have other animals in the home, introduce them slowly and make sure everyone gets along before bringing your new pet home.

Uncle Henry’s Pets: An Overview of Maine’s One-Stop Pet Shop

Uncle Henry’s Pets is a one-stop shop for all your pet needs in Maine. They offer a wide variety of products and services for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and small mammals. They also have a full-service grooming salon and a pet daycare.

They offer a wide variety of products and services for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and small mammals.

Uncle Henry’s Pets has been serving the Maine community for over 30 years. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products and services.

Uncle Henry’s Pets is committed to providing the best possible care for your pets. They offer a wide range of services to meet your pet’s needs, including:

– Veterinary Care: Uncle Henry’s Pets offers complete veterinary care for your pets. Their experienced veterinarians offer preventive care, diagnostics, surgery, and more.

– Grooming: Their full-service grooming salon offers everything from baths and haircuts to nail trimming and ear cleaning.

– Pet Daycare: Uncle Henry’s Pet Daycare provides a safe, clean environment for your pets to play and socialize while you’re away.

The Best Place To Find Your Pet Supplies

If you’re looking for pet supplies in Maine, Uncle Henry’s Pets is the best place to find what you need. We carry a wide variety of products for all kinds of pets, including food, toys, and more. We also offer services like grooming and boarding. Plus, our experienced staff can help you find the perfect pet for your family. Come see us today!


Uncle Henry’s Pets Maine is a pet shop that offers an array of products and services for your furry friends. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect items for your pet and provide advice on how to care for them properly. They strive to provide quality service and make sure each customer leaves satisfied with their purchase. Whether you’re looking for a new companion or just want to spoil your old friend, Uncle Henry’s Pets Maine is the place to go!

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