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UCSB Barc | All You Need To Know About UCSB Barc

The UCSB Barc Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Collections (BARC) office processes student monthly bill statements. These bills include University-owned housing charges, Student Health fees, and library fines. Rather than mailing statements to student homes, BARC issues E-Bill notices. Students can also access their monthly statements online at MyBarc.

How To Use eRefund for UCSB Barc Students

Students at UCSB can now use eRefund as a way to deposit their refund, a safer and more convenient alternative to paper checks. To sign up for this free service, log into MyBarc and click the “Click Here to Enroll” link. After that, you can follow the instructions provided by the eRefund website to get started. After that, you can use the eRefund website to access your refund information and make payments online.

To calculate the refund amount, UC Santa Barbara reviews student fees, identifying average spend rates by program and fee. This information is then used to determine a refundable amount for each student. The University also excludes certain types of fees from refund eligibility, such as those allocated for financial aid or expenses that are ongoing in nature.



UCSB is now using a new system to electronically bill its students. The Gaucho E-Bill system lets students and parents view and pay their monthly bills online. The electronic statements are sent to students’ U-Mail accounts and include a secure link to the BARC Account on the UCSB website. The Gaucho e-bill is also available in the Cashier’s Office in the Student Affairs and Administrative Services Building.

First, students should log in to MyBARC to view their current balance and make payments. It will also give them access to important information like the Form 1098-T for income tax preparation. Students should also make sure to update their GOLD account information.

UCSB Barc eCheck

The first step in signing up for UCSB Barc eCheck is to create an account. If you are a current student, you will need a UCSB net ID. Once you have this, you can log into MyBARC to view your balance and make payments. Remember to keep your mailing address current in GOLD, as you will need this for income tax purposes.

Once you have registered and created an account, you’ll receive an email containing a secure link to your BARC Account. Using this link, you’ll be able to view your account anytime and from anywhere.

Transfer Orientation fee

The transfer orientation fee covers the cost of the online UCSB Transfer Student Module and the in-person Transfer Orientation session. This fee also covers the cost of any guests or family members who wish to attend the Orientation session. Transfer orientation fee is not due at the time of reservation but is billed on the student’s BARC Billing Statement.

The online course lasts about two hours and requires about 45 minutes to complete. You will receive a customized study plan and assistance with course enrollment. The program also includes an academic meeting and advising. The format of the sessions differs by department.

Fee remission

Students who qualify for UCSB Barc fee remission include teaching assistants, graduate research students, readers, and remedial tutors. The minimum requirement to qualify for fee remission is 8 units of coursework per quarter. Students pursuing fellowships must also meet specific criteria to qualify for fee remission.

Students on deficit load programs may be eligible for fee remission if they have a family responsibilities. They must have a financial need that reflects their financial situation. In addition, they must complete a petition for a partial fee reduction. A partial fee reduction must be requested before the first day of classes. If approved, the student must present verifiable reasons for a partial fee reduction, such as employment, health, family responsibility, and declared degree candidacy. If approved, students will be refunded a portion of the fee at the end of each quarter. In case the student is not able to pay full fees, he/she must complete the application process through the College of Letters and Science.

Student Health insurance

The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) requires all students to have adequate health insurance. By default, all UC students are enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). However, students may also waive the SHIP requirement if they have health insurance coverage that is comparable to the university’s SHIP plan.

UCSB Barc Student Health Insurance is a student health plan offered to registered students by the Student Health Services department. The BARC Student Health Insurance plan is available to all registered students as well as those employed by the university. The plan provides dental and vision care and access to many Student Health services. Additionally, some students may qualify for a UC Health Insurance Grant (UC Health Insurance Grant) that covers the cost of UCSHIP premiums.

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