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Traceit Laser – All you need to know about Traceit Laser

Traceit laser are designed for illuminating text, and have numerous features. In addition to the ability to print a variety of text formats, they also support TrueType fonts, which is useful for converting fonts into a standard ILDA format. The software can process both text files and mixtures of fonts, producing proportional outline letters. In addition, the software offers a wide range of options and features, including automatic corner recognition and point mode.

Wizard2010 Traceit laser

Wizard2010 for traceit laser is an advanced software solution for shows. It offers a wide range of features including advanced text and image processing and real-time performance synchronization. Its powerful design allows you to create complex and creative laser shows for any occasion. Its features include a user-controlled beam shutter, three color control flags, and up to 20 table actuators.


The BeamWizard for software offers a programmable interface (a.k.a. OLE/DCOM server) that enables external software to control the system. The Wizard2010 automation software allows for a range of programming options, from simple VB programming interfaces to complex real-time laser display systems. It also allows for the control of the beam shutter and a wide range of active effects.

Tracing Software

TraceIT is a powerful tracing that combines a complete image processor with an extensive list of features. It is capable of performing all phases of image transformation, from tracing to vector rendering. Moreover, it includes a raster editor with all the tools required to create a traced image. The vector editor provides additional editing functionality and allows you to save the result in Pangolin-compatible laser formats.

Image Processing Software

TraceIT is a comprehensive image processing application, which provides all the necessary tools to create and edit traced images. Its raster editor lets you edit image details and save results in Pangolin-compatible laser formats. The TraceIT software also provides the option of editing vector images. Its zoom window is useful for adjusting image sizes.

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