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SPMP Polipd – All you need to know about SPMP Polipd

The SPMP Polipd is a surface-mounted ceiling-mounted luminaire. It is available in different models and is ideal for both commercial and residential purposes. This luminaire features a compact design, which makes it easy to install and maintain. Its halogen lamp provides an even illumination level.


UPLI (Unit Peperiksaan) is a unit which has a specific function. It is responsible for the implementation of the peperiksaan akhir semester. It was established on 1 Mac 2002 in Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah and on 3 Mac 2003 in Politeknik Seberang Perai. This unit was established with the assistance of Pegawai Peperiksaan (PP).

The UPLI also lays out the permohonan and etika for the pelajar. If a pelajar does not meet the requirements, the UPLI may not lay out a permohonan. However, if the pelajar has miss a deadline, he or she will be penalized.

For example, a calon in Malaysia comprises lima kepujian, warganegara Malaysia, Click lulus SPM, and matematik/matematik tambahan. It is also comprise of sijil and sains studies.

Unit Bimbingan & Kaunseling (UBK) consists of 10 koordinator jabatan. Each of these koordinators works on various activities. The goal of this unit is to develop professional workers. The unit is led by a seorang ketua and ten koordinator jabatan.

UPLI akan mengemasi status pelajar daripada TIDAK LAPOR DI

In UPLI, pelajar TIDAK dibenarkan mengambil cuti saat menjalani LI. Pelajar TIDAK akan melihat sebarang cuti bagi urusan rasmi, organisasi, kecemasan, sampai pertama.

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