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SPMP PBU – What you need to know about SPMP PBU

The SPMP PBU program is a comprehensive, online program that provides the tools necessary to enhance the academic success of students. It also provides a platform for communication. It consists of several modules, including Communication, Learning, and Assessment. This online program is available to all students, regardless of their financial situation.

Learning opportunities SPMP PBU

Students at PBU have a variety of learning opportunities. The Students Excellence Unit (SEU) coordinates various activities and programs that encourage academic excellence. It also maintains a website to assist students and lecturers with their courses. The SEU website is a virtual space that provides resources and information to assist PBU students.

Communication platform SPMP PBU

The SPMP database provides high-quality genomes for 110 GTDB species, of which 46 have isolates. This data sets demonstrates the value of a ‘platinum’ Click metagenomics approach, and can complement existing reference genome databases. Its low chimerism and contamination rates make it a particularly useful reference for microbial ecosystems in diverse biospheres.


The Vocera Platform enables people to connect with information and each other. Its master directory keeps track of who belongs to what group, function, or role. With the Engage intelligent workflow engine, the platform can route, filter, and prioritize alarms and events, allowing for a unified and consistent experience. In addition, its voice-driven experience enables users to communicate with each other by name.

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