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To use PRUaccess Singapore services, you must first login to your account. You can do this on the official website. Click on the login option and enter your username and password. If you face any difficulty while logging in, you can ask the support representative for help. Once you have logged in successfully, you can start shopping or making your purchases.

PRUaccess Singapore PRUExtra

The PRUExtra health insurance plan is a new addition to Prudential’s family of health insurance policies in Singapore. This plan offers medical coverage in both public and private hospitals and covers 95% of the deductible and 50% of the co-insurance. In addition, it limits out-of-pocket expenses to S$3,000 per year. The policy features claims-based pricing, which means premiums are determined by how often you make claims.

It offers three rider plans to help you lower your costs. The PRUExtra Premier Lite CoPay, for instance, covers 50% of your deductible and co-insurance and costs only $270 annually. This plan also comes with a variety of optional riders to help you customize your private health insurance plan to meet your needs.

PRUExtra Premier

PRUExtra Premier is a health insurance plan from Prudential. It covers a variety of medical expenses at public and private hospitals. PRUExtra Premier also offers co-insurance and deductible coverage. In addition, it includes a S$3,000 annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses. It is a great option for people who want to minimize out-of-pocket costs and keep their coverage options flexible.

The premiums for PRUExtra Premier are cheaper than those for other health insurance plans. They are cheaper than the cost of private health insurance in Singapore, and you can get up to 20% off the first year’s premiums. The plan also comes with many perks, including a medical concierge, a Letter of Guarantee, and pre-authorisation letters.

PRUaccess Singapore PRUExtra Plus Lite

The PRUExtra Plus Lite from Pru access Singapore covers 50 percent of deductibles and half of co-insurance for hospital visits. This plan is available at a low premium of S$148 per policy year. Additionally, the plan covers ambulance fees and miscellaneous expenses up to S$150 per injury. The policy has one of the lowest premiums of the entire PRUShield suite, so it’s a good choice for those looking for an affordable insurance plan.

PRUExtra Plus Lite from Pruaccès Singapore is a non-participating health plan that covers medical expenses at public and private hospitals. It is a good choice for young people with no significant medical bills. It also offers riders to lower your out-of-pocket expenses. All riders cap out-of-pocket expenses at $3,000 per policy year.

PRUExtra Preferred Copay

The PRUExtra Preferred CoPay at Pruaccess Singapore is a medical insurance plan that allows clients to have lower out-of-pocket costs. It offers coverage up to 95% of deductible and 50% co-insurance, which is a great way to save money while still getting good medical care. You can also avail of other features, including a medical concierge and Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for hospitalisations.

This plan also provides riders. The PRUExtra Premier CoPay covers 95% of deductibles and 50% of co-insurance for each policy year. It also covers ambulance fees (up to S$150 per accident). This plan comes with the lowest premiums in the PRUShield suite.

PRUExtra Plus Lite Copay

If you are looking for a plan that provides comprehensive medical coverage, the Pruaccess Singapore PRUExtra Plus lite Copay is the ideal choice. This plan covers medical expenses at all private hospitals in Singapore and up to 95% of deductibles and co-insurance. This plan also has a S$3,000 annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses. Moreover, it is a claims-based plan, which means that your premium will depend on the number of claims you make.

The PRUExtra Plus Lite CoPay offers the best value for your money. It covers 50% of your deductibles and co-insurance up to S$1,750 per policy year. This plan also has a number of miscellaneous benefits, including ambulance fees (up to S$150 per accident). In addition, it has the lowest premiums among the three PRUShield plans.

PRUExtra Premier Copay

The PRUExtra Premier CoPay plan from Prudential Singapore is designed to reduce your co-insurance by up to 30%, and allows you to receive medical care at either Raffles or Mount Alvernia Hospitals for as little as S$3,000 out-of-pocket. This plan also gives you access to PRUPanel Connect medical concierge and a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) in case of a hospitalisation.

This plan is similar to the others available in PRUShield Premier, and covers medical expenses at private hospitals in Singapore. It also covers 95% of the deductible and 50% of the co-insurance. It also has a S$3,000 annual out-of-pocket limit, and maintains claims-based pricing. Your premiums will increase if you have to make a claim, and you may have to pay more than the deductible.

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