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Polyclinic Northgate – All you need to know about Polyclinic Northgate

The Polyclinic Northgate Clinic is a multi-specialty medical facility in Northgate, California. The clinic merged two other medical centers, Greenlake Outpatient Medical Center and Wallingford Outpatient Medical Center, to create a comprehensive medical facility that provides primary care, specialty care, and general surgery.

Multi-specialty clinic

The Polyclinic Northgate Clinic is a multi-specialty medical center in Seattle. It is one of the largest in the region. This large-scale medical center has two locations, one in downtown Seattle and one in the northgate neighborhood. It offers primary and specialty care, diagnostic imaging, and lab services. The facility is well-design to provide patients with a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

The polyclinic model of primary care has undergone some changes over the past several decades. The traditional Soviet model of district units was replace by polyclinics with multiple categories of specialists. In big cities, polyclinics typically employ fifteen or more categories of specialists. In small cities, the number is often three to five. A large proportion of polyclinic staff is comprise of outpatient specialists.

Clinical laboratory

The Polyclinic Northgate is a family-oriented clinic in Seattle, WA. Its doctors specialize in treating and diagnosing many different conditions and injuries. The practice offers a comprehensive range of services, including diagnostic testing and laboratory tests. The doctors are also train in family-centric medicine. The main specialty of the Polyclinic is Family Medicine, which focuses on treating multiple-system diseases. Examples of common ailments treated by these doctors include high blood pressure, asthma, ear and eye infections, and diabetes.

The polyclinic northgate laboratory is located at 9709 3rd Ave NE, North Seattle, WA 98103. It offers routine and specialized services for patients of all ages. It is certified by the American College of Clinical Pathologists (ACCP) and the Accreditation Commission of Clinical Laboratories (ACLS).

Urology practice

Urology is an area of medical specialty focused on male reproductive system and urinary tract disorders. Urologists provide treatment for conditions such as urinary tract infection, incontinence, prostate cancer and kidney stones. Their services also include patient education and nutritional recommendations. They can also refer patients to other specialists if needed.

The Polyclinic Northgate in Seattle, WA offers a variety of health services. They have doctors trained in family-centered care and will analyze your medical history to determine the cause of your health issues. The specialists also specialize in a variety of injuries and illnesses. In addition to treating injuries and illnesses, these specialists provide services for chronic diseases that affect the entire body.

Family medicine practice

The family medicine practice at The Polyclinic Northgate is located in Seattle, Washington. The office provides annual exams and immunizations, Visit and fills prescriptions. It also offers cardiovascular testing and hormone level testing. The practice also provides patient education and referrals to other specialists.

The doctors at the Polyclinic Northgate have been specially trained in family-centric healthcare. They analyze medical histories and diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries. Among the common diseases and injuries treated at a Family Medicine practice are cold and flu, asthma, ear and eye infections, and diabetes. In addition, they can treat hormonal imbalances in adults.

Allergy & Immunology practice

The Allergy & Immunology practice located at the Polyclinic Northgate in Seattle, WA, is comprised of highly trained healthcare providers. They specialize in treating immune system disorders and the symptoms associated with them, such as allergies, asthma, and food and drug allergies. They also provide allergy injection treatments and may refer you to a specialist for more complicated conditions.

The physicians at the Allergy & Immunology practice are board-certified and have experience in treating allergies, asthma, and allergic reactions. They are committed to providing quality care based on scientific evidence. Patients can expect compassionate care and thorough diagnosis from this team of highly trained medical experts. The practice is located at 9709 3rd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98109.

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