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Panopto NCSU | All you need to know

Whether you are a teacher or a student, you will benefit from using a program such as Panopto NCSU to record your presentations. It allows you to record multiple video inputs, including your webcam, and capture PowerPoint slides. You can also share and export your recordings through a dashboard and reports, and even upload a pdf file.

Recording from multiple video inputs – Panopto NCSU

Panopto is an academic technology that can be used to record video from multiple sources. It also offers interactive tools to encourage students to engage with content.

NC State uses Panopto to record classes in its 110 classrooms. The system supports a wide variety of features and can be integrated with other campus systems.

With Panopto, you can record your presentations from your computer or a hardware video recording device. You can also upload existing videos and audio files.

In addition to Panopto’s robust editing capabilities, you can share your recordings via email or through social networks. Panopto also supports live streaming, time-stamped notes, and personal bookmarks.

A Panopto mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, Panopto’s platform provides a seamless user experience.

Panopto can be integrated with various learning management systems, such as Moodle, Canvas, and Sakai. There are also free integrations for popular video conferencing systems, such as Zoom, Cornerstone, and Salesforce.

Whether you’re an educator or student, Panopto will provide a consistent experience and easy-to-use interface. It’s designed to protect your video assets and live streams. Also, Panopto provides detailed reports on video viewing behavior. Those reports can be exported as spreadsheets.

Another great feature of Panopto is the table of contents. This automatically indexes your content, so it’s easily searchable. Furthermore, students can ask questions through the discussions feature.

Students can also use Panopto’s SmartSearch video search engine to find a specific word. Whenever you record, Panopto will convert your video into a web-optimized format. That way, viewers can navigate through your video using HTML5 web browsers.

For optimal performance, it’s best to pair Panopto with a hardware video recording device. However, it can also be used with a computer and a document camera.

Panopto NCSU

Capturing a PowerPoint presentation – Panopto NCSU

Panopto NCSU offers many useful features that enable instructors to deliver content to students in a seamless way. It can easily integrate with academic technologies like Moodle and provides students with a streamlined and engaging experience. With the power of Panopto, instructors can produce professional quality video recordings of lectures, tutorials, and demonstrations, and can make video course materials available in the Panopto library. Streaming video from any location and device, Panopto enhances teaching and learning while reinforcing students’ engagement.

The Panopto recorder can record PowerPoint presentations. When recording, the Panopto Recorder will detect any external webcams, microphones, and USB devices. You can also use the Panopto recorder to record Keynote presentations.

The Panopto Recorder can be used to record presentations on a PC or Mac. If you are using a laptop, you can select the Panopto Express feature to capture multiple video feeds.

After installing the Panopto app, the first thing you should do is launch it. Once it opens, it will prompt you to choose your video webcamera. Select the circle icon with three dots in the middle.

In the menu, you will find the “Show Presenter Mode” option. This mode displays your slideshow in a more conventional view on the primary screen.

Before you begin recording, you should test the audio quality. Depending on the quality of your audio, your presentation might not display as expected.

The Panopto recorder also has a few other handy features. These include a Table of Contents. A table of contents will help you navigate your presentation more efficiently. Also, you can add a URL to your video, which allows your students to access information while watching the video.

Adding slides or uploading a pdf file

If you’re interested in using a video platform to teach your students how to code, the Panopto platform may be a good fit. It boasts a suite of tools that can make the job much easier. Aside from recording and streaming videos, it also offers features such as interactive activities and smart classroom capabilities. In addition, Panopto integrates with WolfWare and PlayPosit systems, providing seamless integration into any classroom.

In particular, it allows you to create and upload content in real time, meaning you can keep your students engaged all the while. This means you can create and edit high quality multimedia material, while still ensuring that each student’s needs are catered to. For example, you can create a course that is split into manageable chunks of instructional material, rather than having to cram everything into a single, ineffective lesson.

The Panopto platform also allows you to create interactive multimedia materials like videos and whiteboards. These nifty little items can be embedded in any Moodle course and delivered to a student’s desktop of choice. Moreover, they can be easily accessed via the mobile platform. You can even make them interactive using H5P activities.

Panopto NCSU

For example, you can create a video lecture that is broken into small sections, allowing you to focus your attention on each section. What’s more, you can use the same software to upload your own PowerPoint slides and have your students interact with them as well. Whether you’re a techie or a tinkerer, the Panopto platform is a great choice for instructors looking to improve student engagement and retention. As you can see, it’s not hard to see why so many colleges and universities are choosing Panopto for their course creation and video delivery needs.

Dashboards and reports

Reports and Dashboards are useful tools for presenting data in an organized and interactive manner. They are designed to provide a high-level view of an organization’s performance. For example, the CEO may need a snapshot of the customer service department. In addition, the marketing department may need a dashboard of website traffic.

Reports are created and delivered to a user periodically. They generally consist of data in text form. However, they can also include visuals. This provides a more expansive view of the data.

Unlike reports, Dashboards allow users to interact with the data in real time. They are especially useful for everyday analytics. The dashboard can be customized to display specific metrics.

When a user hovers the cursor over a dashboard’s title, a set of icons appears. Each icon is a graphical image of a chart corresponding to the report. These icons can be used to modify the chart’s appearance and size.

To add a new chart, open the Configuration menu. You can click on the icon corresponding to the chart type you want to add. Once you add the chart, you can change the chart’s settings by clicking on the Properties button.

The chart can also be customized in terms of the chart’s dimensions. Users can choose the date for which they want to view the data. Selecting a date will launch a calendar window, displaying a three-month period around that date.

Dashboards are unique in their ability to update quickly. They can be as comprehensive or as concise as the user needs. Moreover, they can alert users when a specific metric changes. Aside from this, they offer a dynamic experience, making them ideal for monitoring a wide variety of metrics.

Sharing your recordings – Panopto NCSU

Panopto is a software-as-a-service platform designed to capture and store multi-source, live and recorded content. It offers a variety of features to enhance teaching and improve student outcomes.

Panopto is an enterprise-level video management solution that can be used for training, delivering presentations, and live streaming media for websites and webcasts. It is built on a redundant cluster of Amazon Web Services servers, ensuring state-of-the-art security.

Panopto supports a wide variety of sources and allows for easy uploading of audio and video files. In addition, it provides robust video editing and interactive components. It also allows for two-way communication, allowing students to interact with the instructor and each other.

During a recording, a table of contents is automatically generated. This can be helpful for students who wish to go back and review a specific section. Students can also use the Panopto SmartSearch tool to find a particular word or phrase in the video.

Panopto’s integrated video analytics platform provides insight into the viewing behavior of students. It enables instructors to better engage with students, and allows students to view specific sections of an instruction repeatedly.

Panopto also has a free mobile app available for both iPhone and Android. Additionally, it supports a number of free content management systems, including Moodle, Canvas, and Salesforce.

Panopto also supports a host of different streaming protocols. Depending on the content and viewer’s Internet connection, the stream may be slow or unreliable. However, the videos are encoded for multiple bitrates, providing optimal viewing across a variety of devices.

Finally, Panopto integrates easily with NC State’s academic technologies. For example, it provides a streamlined integration with Moodle. Instructors can record lectures from anywhere, and students can log in and view recordings in Moodle courses.

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