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NCSU Wolfware | What you need to Know

NCSU wolfware is a tool that has created to help students manage and maintain their coursework. It’s a free and open source solution that can downloaded and installed on any Windows-based computer. However, there are some things that you should know before you install it. Read on to learn more about what to expect from this software and the features that it offers.

Moodle – NCSU Wolfware

Moodle is a tad bit more than just a web based course management system. It has a whole suite of features spanning everything from the class of the month to graded assignments and quizzes. As with any web based product, you can count on Moodle to be up to date and secure. This includes a password protected directory to protect student data, and a robust security protocol to ensure your course remains a top priority.

Moodle also offers a number of tools to aid in your quest to educate and engage. From a Google Calendar invitation to a nifty email list that’s both user friendly and nifty, there’s nothing you won’t find in this web based app. The one drawback is that instructors and students have to be on the same page. But, if you’re interest in engaging your class in a more personal and collaborative manner, this app is the ticket.

While it’s not a replacement for the old fashioned classroom, it is a welcome addition to the campus, especially for those who have relegated to the back of the line. Not only can you create your own private space, you can share course related content in the form of links, PDFs, and more. You can also record and share instructional content, including videos, podcasts, and webinars. WolfWare also has a mobile app to take advantage of the same features on the go. For a hefty fee, you can have the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for a streamlined way to integrate your curriculum into your digital life, it’s time to try WolfWare out for yourself. With a streamlined suite of academic technologies at your disposal, you’ll be able to keep your students on track and on the right path.

Course Views – NCSU Wolfware

Course Views at NCSU Wolfware is an application that connects students to a wide variety of library resources. It is part of a suite of tools and services that NC State University uses to improve the delivery of educational material to students. These tools are integrate with learning management systems to increase student engagement and access to library content.

The Course Views service is design to provide course-centric access to library resources, enabling faculty to customize content for their students. It also provides a one-stop web page for each course. Designed in collaboration with NCSU Wolfware faculty, the project allows subject specialists to provide customized content to students.

Course Views utilizes a local widget service to dynamically generate library course pages. Subject specialists, librarians, and instructors contribute to the development of the widgets. Most Course Views are made up of a standard set of widgets, which include a course block, a search box, and a browse by college button.

Widgets that are less complex automatically display categorized static XHTML content or links to technology lending. A variety of content modules are available for librarians to add to their Course Views, such as a Librarian Recommended Content widget, which allows librarians to create sections of annotated links to relevant library resources.

One of the major goals of the Course Views project is to provide targeted library resources for all courses at NC State University. To achieve this goal, the project has involved faculty and students in pre-development focus groups. This involvement helped develop a sense of ownership and involvement that is essential to successful adoption.

The Course Views team is working to improve the design of the system and to better manage the content produced by librarians. They have already completed several pilot projects, including one with a group of faculty.

To date, the system has used to serve pages for 1368 unique courses. In August 2008, the system provided custom library pages to every course at NC State. While the system has increased students’ access to library resources, usage has decreased in recent weeks.

Course Views at NCSU Wolfware is an application that connects students to a wide variety of library resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NC State University suite of academic technologies, dubbed WolfWare, is design to improve student engagement in a way that makes teachers’ lives easier. WolfWare is a browser-based, system-independent web application that allows instructors to easily upload course material, assign homework, and manage classroom discussions. These tools are give to faculty to use, free of charge.

The most basic course will feature an Announcements forum and a quickmail block. Quickmail is an email system that is integrate into Moodle. In addition to sending emails, it is also capable of generating e-mail lists that are automatically update as class changes occur.

WolfWare also has a Google Groups component that makes it easy to share links, documents, and calendar entries. It’s also a good channel for students to ask for help. For the most part, a single Google Group can shared with a limited group of students.

There are many features that make WolfWare unique, from the standard course management system to the suite’s nifty e-mail function. For example, WolfWare can automatically create a standard template for each course, a feat which is oftentimes accomplish manually. This includes the requisite e-mail list of class roles.

One of the most interesting aspects of the WolfWare suite is its ability to make non-credit courses relevant. With this capability, the university can extend its land-grant mission to the wider world, while providing instructors and administrators with more opportunities to earn a paycheck. If you’re an instructor looking to elevate your department’s status. You might also interest in the WolfWare Internal Training and Development, a program aimed at supporting non-credit.

WolfWare may not be the only system in NC State’s arsenal, but it is one of the most important. By making its tools available to every instructor, it enables the university to focus on what matters most to its students: learning. WolfWare’s many tools allow the university to offer a quality education to a wide range of students.


NC State University has develop WolfWare to support its mission of providing online tools for faculty and staff to facilitate teaching and learning. This platform offers a wide range of academic technologies and academic tools, including course management and web development platforms. A single, cohesive online environment for course delivery and enhancement allows instructors to focus on delivering instruction.

WolfWare supports both the faculty and the staff at NC State University by giving them an easy to use, intuitive. Using WolfWare, instructors can record and upload instructional content to share with students. They can also create Google Drive and Google Calendar invitations and email lists to send to their students. Students can view their classes, view course information, and communicate with their instructors through the Google Groups web interface.

The WolfWare WordPress platform is integrated with the WolfWare platform and provides a secure and optimized environment for building class-specific websites. Instructors can set up WolfWare sites to include only their students, all NC State credential holders, or public. These sites can managed by an instructor or an administrator, and can be configured to provide secure access. For more information, please visit WolfWare’s website.

WolfWare Outreach is designed to help faculty expand the reach of their courses and promote their brand and brand image. It can also serve as an opportunity for instructors to earn additional revenue by offering non-credit continuing education courses. With WolfWare Outreach, it’s easy to reach a wider audience and generate a revenue stream. If you’re interest in using the WolfWare Outreach platform, contact the team at the NC State University Digital Learning Technology Agency (DELTA).

As a university-owned educational technology, WolfWare is supported by DELTA. It is an enterprise-level suite of academic technologies, including course management and web development platforms. Internal training and development, designed for faculty and internal staff, also supports no-fee offerings. See the WolfWare FAQ page for more details.

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