MySHR USC | All You Need To Know About MySHR USC

If you’re interested in enrolling in MySHR USC, there are a few things you need to know. First, be aware that the website is currently unavailable from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST on Saturday evenings. We apologize for the inconvenience. Next, read about health insurance, health care providers, and access to care.

What is MySHR USC

The MySHR USC website is a single point of contact for all your health information. You can view your medical records and schedule appointments online. You can also check the status of your immunizations. A team of immunizations nurses can order lab tests and help you schedule immunization appointments.

COVID-19 testing is available for all eligible USC students, faculty, staff, approved contractors, and campus residents. If you test positive, you must report it to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Using someone else’s identity to screen for HIV/AIDS is considered identity fraud and will delay contact tracing. It may also lead to civil and criminal charges against you.

How To Access MySHR USC Health Insurance

If you’re a USC student, you need to have a health insurance plan. The University provides a student health insurance plan through Aetna, which you’ll pay monthly with your tuition bill. However, if you’d like to opt out, you can submit a waiver request each year. It’s important to select a plan that offers strong coverage in Southern California, including mental health services.


If you’re considering a USC health insurance plan, be sure to consider the various benefits offered by the USC Student Health Plan. In addition to providing primary care and counseling, the plan will also provide referrals to specialists. The plan has a low deductible, and will cover the cost of emergency room and hospital stays. Additionally, it offers prescription drugs, vision care, and even substance abuse counseling. Some additional co-insurance and a deductible will apply. You should also check the plan’s glossary for more information on benefits.

The SHIP/Aetna plan is automatically enrolled in full-time USC students. You will receive a bill with the SHIP/Aetna plan charges, and you must request a waiver within specific dates to opt out. In addition, the USC SHIP/Aetna plan covers $50 co-pays for walk-in clinic and urgent care visits.


Whether you need urgent care or routine physical exams, USC Student Health offers primary care services as well as referrals to specialists. The campus health centers are affiliated with health insurance providers so that you can be assured of high-quality care. If you’re unfamiliar with campus services, USC Student Health has a user guide that walks first-time users through the different services available on campus. In addition to its primary care and specialty care services, USC Student Health also offers a variety of other services, such as counseling.

Access to Care

MySHR, the University of Southern California’s online patient portal, allows patients to list a contact for emergency care in MySHR. If there is an emergency, the provider will call the designated contact. Parents can also contact Trojans Care for Trojans, an initiative of the Office of Campus Support and Intervention. This program helps parents express concerns about their student’s health and helps connect them with university officials.

In addition to primary care, USC Student Health also offers counseling and referrals to specialists. Student Health works with student health insurance to provide comprehensive, high-quality care. The campus health center, the Eric Cohen Student Health Center, offers a guide for first-time users. It helps students navigate the campus health center and campus services.

Currently, USC offers health insurance through Aetna. The plan covers primary care, counseling, health education, and travel-related services. The plan offers specialists on-site appointments at no additional cost. It also covers $50 co-pays for walk-in clinic and urgent care services.

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