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MySHR – All You Need To Know About MySHR

During peak times, MySHR may be overloaded and unavailable. It is recommended to schedule testing outside of peak hours. Weekends and after 6 PM are best for scheduling testing. For weekly appointments, try scheduling testing between Wed and Fri. If you are testing more than once a week, try scheduling the tests on Tuesday or Thursday.

How To Access Peak Times for MySHR

When accessing MySHR login, remember that the website is likely to be busy during peak access hours. This may occur on Monday, January 3, Monday, January 10 and Tuesday, January 18. High volume of access may cause the website to be unavailable during these times for some users. To avoid this, access MySHR in the evening after 6 PM. Positive results uploaded during these times will qualify you for automatic exemption from surveillance testing for 90 days.

How To Help Symptoms For COVID-19

To determine whether or not you are at risk for COVID-19, you need to get tested. You can do so at a MySHR site, or you can have a test done outside of the USC system. Symptoms may be mild or severe, depending on your health and vaccination history.

If you feel like you might have COVID-19, you should isolate yourself and notify any affected family and friends. If you have any symptoms, it is recommended that you have your blood tested as soon as possible. There are two types of tests: an antigen test and a PCR test. If you suspect that you may be exposed to COVID-19, you can take an antigen test.

In addition to getting tested, you should also practice proper hand hygiene. In order to avoid becoming infected, you should wear a medical-grade mask and use hand sanitizer. You should also wear masks indoors and get a COVID test at least three days after the last time you were exposed. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 on campus, you should consider getting tested before you leave campus and travel home.

Is It Possible To Show COVID-19 Test Results On MySHR

Test Results On MySHR

It is possible to view your test results on MySHR. However, you must be aware of several important points. First, you must upload your test results. Once you have done so, you must complete the contact tracing form. Secondly, you should upload the test results within 90 days. Once you have completed all these steps, Trojan Check will allow you to return to campus.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you need to complete a contact tracing form. You can find this form in the messages section of MySHR.

Contact Tracing Form

If you have a COVID-19 positive result and you want to find out who the source is, you can use the contact tracing form on the MySHR website. The form is available in the messages section of the MySHR website. After you’ve completed the form, you’ll be directed to your MySHR profile page. There, you can add details about your condition and submit your information.

MySHR has a pop testing option, but you can also use a home antigen kit and complete the form from home. If you’ve tested positive, you must complete a contact tracing form on MySHR so that USC Health can keep track of your progress.

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