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LMSLAUD – All you need to know about LMSLAUD

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LMSLAUD ) is now fully implementing support for the Schoology Learning Management System. Read this article to learn more about the LAUSD’s decision to adopt Schoology and the upcoming changes to the learning management system. Also, find out about the important dates and meetings.

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is fully implementing support for the Schoology Learning Management System LMSLAUD

LAUSD is moving ahead with full implementation of Schoology, a learning management system. This decision was prompted by a court order, issued in 1993, to implement a district-wide student record tracking system. The district has a long history of adopting new technologies with caution. In the case of MiSiS, for example, it did not roll out district-wide support in a single year. In contrast, LAUSD plans to implement full support for Schoology Learning Management System over a 1.5-year period.

The learning management system offers a variety of features that support teachers’ workflows. Among them is the ability to integrate with LA Unified’s digital library. This includes access to online subscription databases like Gale, EBSCO, Worldbook, and TeachingBooks. Teachers can access these databases by navigating to the App Center menu in Schoology. Then, they can select the database they want to use.

In addition to providing support for Schoology, the district also invested in cybersecurity training for its employees. In fact, LAUSD has launched a taskforce to keep parents and educators informed of the latest developments in the cyber security world. This group is also working with law enforcement and federal agencies to secure the district’s critical infrastructure and technology.

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