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LAUSD SubFinder – All you need to know about LAUSD SubFinder

No tracking of substitute assignments

The current monitoring process for LAUSD SubFinder substitute assignments is inadequate to track the assignments. The district needs to formally track the length of substitute assignments. This would help avoid having substitutes stay longer in class than necessary. Furthermore, LAUSD should formalize the process of reviewing substitute assignments weekly.

LAUSD’s substitute unit is not monitored daily, but it does track the hours of substitutes every month. The system alerts principals when the substitute is about to reach or exceed their service limit. It then directs the principals to assign another substitute. However, if this system is expanded to allow more frequent monitoring, the process would become costly and time-consuming.

Cost of frequent monitoring LAUSD SubFinder

LAUSD has implemented a new tracking system called Smart Find to better track the duration of substitute assignments. It started using Smart Find monitoring weekly in June 2016, compared to the monthly monitoring it used to do with SubFinder. However this new system does not address the problem of principals requesting substitutes directly. Furthermore, the increased monitoring will not guarantee that all substitute assignments are recorded correctly. In addition, it will be costly and time-consuming to monitor all schools more frequently.

LAUSD SubFinder Improves Investigations and Reassigns Teachers’ Salaries

LAUSD’s SubFinder system monitors how long substitutes spend in classrooms and notifys school administrators when a substitute’s service limit is approaching. If a substitute exceeds that time limit, the system prompts school administrators to find a new substitute. However, the system does not address the problem of principals requesting substitutes directly.

The district is working to improve the process. It has hired an outside firm to help with the investigations. The General Counsel is responsible for ensuring the quality of the investigations. The acting director of the office hopes to assign new cases as they come in. But what about the district’s staff’s time? A database will give them a better idea of where they’re spending their time. It will also give staff an overview of open cases. It will also calculate the number of days a case spends with the responsible party.

In August 2015, the LAUSD changed its investigation policies and expanded its Investigation Team’s responsibilities. The Investigation Team now conducts all formal reassignments. The new policy provides for eight workdays for case reviews. In one case, the investigation team exceeded its 90-day target by 25 days. In another case, the investigation team missed its goal because of long-term holds from law enforcement. This means that law enforcement wanted the LAUSD not to investigate until the criminal case was resolved.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has also begun tracking reassigned teachers’ salaries. This process helps LAUSD ensure that teachers receive the best possible compensation. The reassignment packet includes a report of the investigation, employment summary, written statements of witnesses and alleged victims. Additionally, the report contains a proposed decision from the local administrator regarding the dismissal or return to the classroom.

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