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KUBRA Cleco – All you need to know about KUBRA Cleco

If you want to pay your kubra cleco bill automatically, you can enroll in KUBRA’s Automatic Payment system. You can edit or cancel this feature at any time by logging into your account online. To enroll, go to Account Settings and click on Automatic Payment: Credit Card. Alternatively, you can go to the KUBRA Payment Center.


With KUBRA EZ-PAY, businesses can quickly and securely accept payments from debit and credit cards. The app also offers an integrated dashboard for payer reconciliation and reporting. It supports voice channels, digital channels, and self-service kiosks. In addition, customers can view past and current bills in one convenient location and download a digital copy of the bill for their records.

This third-party payment solution supports Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards. It also offers an option for payment by check, debit card, cash, or e-check. Customers do not need to register for the service. All they need to do is click the button below and follow the prompts.

KUBRA EZ-PAY can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards. The company charges a small convenience fee for credit and debit card payments, but UPPCO does not receive any money from these fees. All you need is a valid credit or debit card, a UPPCO account number, and a zip code. It is also possible to make payments via KUBRA EZ-PAY using your bank account.

KUBRA Cleco EZ-PAY on-demand payment application

The KUBRA EZ-PAY on demand payment application allows users to make payments over the Internet using credit or debit cards. They may also choose to pay over the phone using a mobile application or through a self-service kiosk. The KUBRA EZ-PAY on demand payment application is available for use by individuals, businesses, and other legal entities.

KUBRA EZ-PAY charges $2.50 processing fee

KUBRA EZ-PAY is a cloud-based solution that offers online, text, and voice payment options. It also supports payments by credit card, debit card, and cash. As a cloud-based solution, KUBRA offers quick and easy software updates. KUBRA also provides support for the latest features.

KUBRA EZ-PAY supports payer reconciliation

EZ-PAY is a cloud-based payment solution that helps you accept payment from consumers with ease. This solution has real-time account tools, direct feeds to multiple processors and ACH originators, and a consolidated dashboard for payer reconciliation and reporting. KUBRA EZ-PAY can be used to accept payments from all types of sources, including check, credit or debit cards, cash, and more.

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