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Kristi Etzold | All you need to know about Kristi Etzold

Kristi Etzold, who began her career in wrestling, has since moved on to boxing and television. Her YouTube channel is filled with videos of her work and appearances. These videos have been viewed millions of times and she is a regular face on the TV.

Wrestling career : Kristi Etzold

Kristie Etzold is a professional wrestler who has worked for a number of different companies. She is currently working for Sleeper Kid’s World.

Throughout her career, Kristie has been a dominant competitor in the female wrestling arena. She has been known for her big leg and devastating scissor holds. In a recent match against a male fighter named Mwd, Kristie was able to beat him by a comfortable margin. During the match, Mwd tried to break free of the hold, but was unable to. Eventually, she was smothered by Kristie in a front face and reverse face hold.

Kristie is also well-known for her Knotted Headscissors videos, which featured female competitors like Liz Lightspeed and Mikayla Miles. The videos are not a complete account of Kristie’s competitive career, however, due to the fact that some of the matches are not recorded. Some of the other matches are not included in her records because of the unusual rules that they are played under.

Boxing career

kristi etzold

Kristie Etzold has been active in the female fighting scene for many years. She’s fought for a variety of companies including APL, Video Sports, DT Wrestling, Femwin, and Les Femmes Fatales. In addition, she’s made a name for herself by working hundreds of private wrestling sessions. As for her boxing career, she’s got a pretty impressive 3-0 record in the MMW division. However, she’s also got a few dings to her name. The most important of which is that she’s been involved in the Knotted Headscissors videos.

While the Knotted Headscissors isn’t exactly the best thing to happen to her career, she’s still proud of her contributions to the sport. This is especially true considering her involvement in the video’s best known promotional clip, which included a figure-four style head-scissors from Liz Lightspeed and Mikayla Miles.

Kristi Etzold – Unusual Wrestling Matches

Kristie Etzold is a famous professional wrestler. She has been in the scene for over two decades and has worked for various companies. This includes Femwin, Video Sports, Les Femmes Fatales and DT Wrestling. In her career, she has competed against many top female competitors. She has also competed in a variety of unique matches. Some of these unusual matches are not included in her competitive records. However, they are important to understand.

One of Kristie’s most interesting matches was against a lesser-known male opponent. Her opponent, Mwd, had a limited wrestling background, and was attempting to win the match by the end. When he refused to submit, Kristie stepped in and defeated him with a chokehold and a smother hold. Though she didn’t get all of the points she needed, it was a solid win for her.

Another example of Kristie’s talents was in a video series called Knotted Headscissors. She was featured in videos that featured figure-4 style head-scissors. Other notable participants in the Knotted Headscissors videos were Liz Lightspeed and Mikayla Miles. Both of these video clips are available on YouTube. The videos are very entertaining and offer a good look at the work that goes into the process of creating these clips.

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