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How to Make Changes in IACRA Login Page

When you visit the IACRA Login website, you will be asked to enter your login information. There are various login boxes located throughout the website. If you are unsure of your username or password, you can click the Forgot Username or Password option to reset your account information. Once you enter your primary email address, you will receive a reset email. To reset your password, you will need to follow the directions in the email sent to you.

Changes to iacra login

Changes to the IACRA login page include a new sign-in feature, a more secure password, and improved security. IACRA has improved digital signatures and document presentation, making it easier to read documents. Users no longer need to download Adobe PDF Reader to view documents in the IACRA’s system. Paths on the path list page are now expandable and collapsible, which makes it easier to drill down to a specific path. In addition, the home page now features an FAQ and What’s New in IACRA preview.

New changes to the IACRA login process are available to all users. IACRA has implemented CAPTCHA to improve security for users. If users experience issues with CAPTCHA, try a different browser or retry the process. This release also resolves issues related to multifactor authentication. The process for applying for a Limitation Removal has been improved to make the process easier. Students can now select an application form if their flight hours have been completed in a certain amount of time.

New minimum password length

IACRA has implemented a CAPTCHA for account registration. Users who encounter errors should try again or try another browser. The IACRA has also made some improvements to the login process. The last name field can now be 50 characters long. In addition, users can now save their forms as TIFFs instead of PDFs. The registration process has been updated to require all roles to register in the IACRA.

In addition to changing the minimum password length, the maximum length of usernames has been increased to 50 characters. Users with shorter passwords are required to change their passwords each time they login. The minimum age in the system has also been lowered to thirteen. This makes it easier for a student to apply for the Student Pilot program even 90 days before they turn 14. A new certificate summary option has also been added for students who are under the age of 16.

IACRA Login Validation errors

A bug in IACRA was causing the user to be logged out after an inactivity timer had elapsed. The issue occurred when users made multiple selections or closed and reopened the IACRA window. It also caused the text box to become smaller. This bug has been fixed in this release. You can now login without experiencing any validation errors. However, the IACRA does not function properly during proficiency checks.

To resolve this issue, you must use an Internet Explorer version 5 or higher browser. You should also try using Firefox if you have this problem. This browser also supports iACRA and IASCR. The website will also automatically convert country codes to USA and EU if the user does not have the right version. Ensure you have a current version of these browsers. In addition, a bug has been fixed so that the iACRA will not time out when a session is inactive for more than 10 seconds.

Pre-approval number for DMS Group II designees

A DMS pre-approval number is required for the use of the DMS. The number must be displayed in the IACRA. If a designee has no DMS authorization, they cannot perform tests in IACRA. To obtain a DMS pre-approval, designees should submit a pre-approval request and post-activity report. Inactive designees are prohibited from performing testing in the IACRA, and must have an authorization on the CLOA.

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