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How to Login Army MEDPROS

Army medpros is a tool that will help commanders monitor immunization data, health threats, and medical readiness. This new system also allows commanders to view area-specific immunization profiles. Commanders will have a clearer picture of where their troops are lacking in vaccinations.

The new Army MEDPROS can help commanders better manage their soldiers’ health and medical readiness. The system will allow commanders to see if a Soldier has had an eye exam or dental exam within the last year, and whether or not he is up to date on all his immunizations. The system also helps commanders to see what specific health threats a unit may be facing.

To submit MEDPROS forms electronically, soldiers must use Army Login, which provides them with access to information about Soldier health and medical conditions. Through MEDPROS, Soldiers can view, analyze, and share their health information with other Army medical personnel. An informed soldier is more likely to remain on the battlefield and perform their duty safely.


The Army has a new testing program, called ANAM, to detect traumatic brain injury. The tests use a baseline to compare a soldier’s abilities before and after deployment. This helps a doctor determine the extent of an injury and the appropriate course of treatment. The tests are conducted on a computer and take about 20 minutes to complete.

A Soldier’s performance during ANAM can be significantly affected by their medical condition. It is important to arrive for the assessment well-rested. Alcohol, drugs and lack of sleep can lead to poor performance. Before the test, participants must complete a questionnaire. This helps identify those who may need rescheduling.

The Army Medical Profession (AMP) must be current on all vaccinations and follow strict adherence to the government’s foreign travel clearance guidelines. This annual in-theater screening ensures that a medpro is in good health and is ready for deployment. It also provides an opportunity for Army medics to improve their patient care skills.


A drinking water source is certified to be safe for human consumption if it meets certain standards of quality. Such sources include municipal water supplies, protected dug wells, and springs. These sources are also commonly referred to as approved sources.

Safe drinking water is essential for human health and development. Almost one billion people around the world still do not have access to safe water. It is estimated that contaminated or dirty water is responsible for 3.1% of the world’s annual death toll and 3.7% of the global burden of disease.

The ANNUAL OUT-PATIENT screening for medpros is an important part of their annual physical. The screening covers the CSA Schedule I-V of drugs. These include benzodiazepines, sedative-hypnotics, stimulants, and amnestics. The purpose of this screening is to reduce the risk of disease or injury.

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