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Hornyfqnz: All You Need To Know About Hornyfqnz

Hornyfqnz problems often haunt many people. Neither men nor women are free from them. There are many kinds of sexual problems, ranging from the mild to the most severe. If reviewed broadly, decreased libido might be seen as a “main problem.” Why? Because most sexual problems actually start from a decrease in libido.

Libido has an important effect on sexual activity and its quality. Low libido means decreased sexual activity and thus quality. Some people just need to change their lifestyle while others need supplements. There are many supplements on the market and every one of them is claimed to be able to treat sexual dysfunction including decreased libido. Unfortunately, not all of those claims are true. There are only a handful of supplements that actually work as well (as one would expect). This article introduces you to Hornyfqnz. This is one of the few supplements that work. In short, it’s not bullshit.

Hornyfqnz is safe if used wisely

This is a very powerful sex supplement, but still safe if used wisely. Actually, this supplement has been known for centuries. Derived from the extract of the Epimedium plant, this is a supplement with a strong foundation in nature. Epimedium is a kind of weed plant. Often referred to as “goat horns”, Epimedium has been associated for hundreds of years with enhancing sexual performance.

Icariin is the key behind the supplement

The active ingredient responsible for Epimedium’s benefits is Icariin. This is what is responsible for the inhibition of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). The PDE5 enzyme correlates negatively with sexual problems. The higher the level, the greater a person’s risk of experiencing sexual problems including erectile dysfunction. Inhibition of this enzyme means increased sexual potency, manifested for example in an increase in blood flow to the penis so that a strong erection is possible. Not only for men but inhibition of PDE5 also correlates with increasing vaginal lubrication and facilitating orgasm. And not only is it beneficial for “sexual purposes”, but Hornyfqnz also has very strong anti-inflammatory properties, thereby significantly boosting the body’s immunity. There have been several studies discussing this.

Broadly speaking, Icariin brings the following advantages:

  • Better regulation of body immunity at the cellular level.
  • Very strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities.
  • Supports the treatment of osteoporosis by stimulating bone osteoblast activity. Thus Icariin is also good for bone growth.
  • Increases sperm secretion.
  • Prevents the effects of aging.

Again, the supplement is safe but should be used wisely!

It has been stated above that this supplement is safe if used wisely but there are still restrictions, for example, this supplement is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women, and in some cases, it is known to interact negatively with certain medical conditions. Therefore a consultation session with a doctor may be needed before you decide to take this supplement.

Hornyfqnz works on increasing nitric oxide production

Icariin, the active ingredient of Hornyfqnz, increases nitric oxide production which in turn relaxes vascular smooth muscle cells. It contributes to increased blood flow to the penis and clitoris in women. Smooth blood flow has an effect on increasing sensitivity and being more sensitive means that sexual power tends to increase. The balance of hormone levels is also improved, for example in men it can increase testosterone and in women, it can balance estrogen levels. One thing that is interesting is that more balanced estrogen levels mean slower menopausal symptoms strike. Vaginal dryness may be preventable. 

Hornyfqnz contributes to smooth blood flow

And not only has an effect on “sex organs”, but Hornyfqnz can also lower cholesterol levels which contributes to improving the condition of blood vessels. Cholesterol can clog blood vessels and its reduction can “smooth out” blood vessels. Smooth blood circulation means a systematic improvement in heart conditions. The better the condition of the heart, the easier it pumps blood, and the smoother the blood flows (including to the penis and clitoris), the better the human sexual performance. So everything is interrelated.

Other benefits of Hornyfqnz

Antioxidant properties are another benefit of this supplement. In several studies, it can be concluded that Icariin has antioxidant properties. These properties contribute to protection against cell damage by free radicals. Antioxidants affect reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Several other studies on Hornyfnqz suggest that regular consumption of this supplement may improve memory retention and cognitive function. This all stems from increased blood flow to the brain, allowing brain cells to receive more essential nutrients than before. Hornyfqnz means smoother blood flow and it causes a domino effect on the repair of body cells as a result of a smoother supply of nutrients.

There is no specific dosage 

First of all, you have to realize that this is a supplement, not a drug. Thus there is no specific dosage and each adult may vary in terms of dosage. Again, consulting a healthcare provider is important to avoid overdosage. Yes, supplements also have the risk of overdose and anything in excess is not good. You need a balanced composition, not excessive. However, if you want an average dose, one or two capsules of Hornyfqnz is sufficient. And to remind you again, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid taking this supplement. To add, make sure to buy Hornyfqnz from an authorized provider, be it a local health shop or an online shop.

Possible side effects due to the use of Hornyfqnz

Hornyfqnz is a supplement and when consumed properly it should not cause side effects. However, everyone is different and there may be some people who will experience side effects after taking this supplement. Some of the side effects noted were increased heart rate, dizziness, nausea, and, in the worst case, difficulty breathing. If you experience any of them you should immediately seek medical help. And although it rarely happens, some people may experience insomnia, therefore, to reduce that risk, it is recommended that you take Hornyfqnz during the day. Another less common side effect is allergies. Overall Hornyfqnz provides mild side effects that do not need to be overly responsive.


Hornyfqnz works by improving blood flow which leads to other health benefits, especially increasing libido. However medical considerations need to be taken before deciding to take this supplement.

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