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History And Benefits of THC Vape

Vaping may seem like something we only saw a few years ago, but that is not true. Vaping has a rich history, even before it got popularized in the market. And it is understandable as it has many benefits over other products.

The THC vape pens offer multiple unique advantages which users adore. However, most people do not know these facts about the unique method. So, we have brought this article to help you understand THC’s past and its merits.

THC Vapes

What Are THC Vapes?

THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, which is found in cannabis or, specifically, in marijuana plants. It is psychoactive and also beneficial in many ways. You may have heard of vaping in the cannabis market, as it is one of the best methods available.

People used to opt for joints and edibles more than vapes a few years ago. But ever since most users discovered vaping, they have not turned back. Avid users think that they are the best product in the market.

The vapes are as efficient as other products while still being affordable. They may seem daunting at the beginning since their usage method is unique. But once you use them a couple of times, you will get used to the procedure.

The History of Vaping THC

Vaping is older than our modern civilizations, and written excerpts may prove so. It may have gotten used in ancient eras for recreational or medicinal purposes. But we will look back to the confirmed history of the substance today.

Here are some times in the history of THC vaping:

The First THC Vaporizer

The first vaporizer got patented by Joseph Robinson in 1927 in the states. However, an improved and more portable version got introduced in 1960 by Herbert Gilbert. Both these vaporizers were mainly e-cigarettes and used for other purposes too.

Another purpose was to add cannabis extract to vape it from there. The vaping trend started when Eagle Bill introduced the publicly available Shake and Vape device. It kickstarter what we know as the most popular cannabis consumption method.

Finally, another invention was the vaporizer pen by Hon Lik in 2003. It is the portable device most people use today instead of the standard tabletop model. It further helped the vaping trend flourish in many regions, including the US.

Popularization In the States

The secret to the vape pen’s success in the states mostly comes from its benefits and design. Many brands of the product are in Silicon Valley, one of the most advanced and technologically forward places.

Due to this, the product has immaculate design details while still being accessible. So many people love them just for their sheer convenience. Even though the products may have been in the market for almost a decade, it is most popular now.

But we can expect that the growth curve will continue to flourish even more than today. Since newer manufacturers come up with fresh ideas, we can expect our vapes to improve too. As the vapes get sleeker, more powerful, and better, more users will choose them over other THC products.

Some Popular Benefits of THC Vapes

THC vapes may be the most popular product, coming close to joints. But there must be some reason behind their unrivaled success as THC market dominators. True to the assumption, some of their factors indeed make them better. So here are a few merits unique to the THC vaping method that make so many people love them:

  • THC Vapes Are Intense

People often want potent products that give you a better high than edibles. Plus, most products take too long to affect you too. If you want a strong and lasting THC experience, vaping would be the best method for you. But THC vapes are the perfect solution to all these issues. Since you inhale the product rather than ingest it, its absorption time lessens significantly. So, it is fast, intense, and a unique THC experience unavailable with most other products.

  • Vaping Is Convenient

Convenience may not be the first thing that comes to mind with these products, but it is accurate for vapes. Vaping is more convenient than most people think it is. Though the pen looks complicated to navigate, all you need to do is press a button. Then you can draw from the mouthpiece to get the vape juice from the pen. The inhaling process may be challenging if you have not tried vapes or joints. But it takes a few tries to master it- so you can learn well.

THC Vapes
  • THC Vapes Are Affordable

Vaping may not have been as popularized if its most known types, disposable vapes, were not around. Reusable vapes seem pricey, but disposable vapes catch users’ eyes. Surprisingly, both of them are far more economical than most other products.

The disposable vape would cost you as much as it costs you to buy dried buds. And even a reusable vape mechanism may be expensive, but you can buy vape juice for months or even years. So, they are some of the most economical products, especially if you are a regular user.

  • Vaping Is Discreet

You might have seen people vape in videos or reels, but the vapor clouds may seem daunting. They look good on screen but can be scary in real life, as you may want to keep your vaping on the down low.

The vapor dissipates immediately after leaving your mouth. It does not leave any visual or olfactory residue that other people can pick up. Worry not, as many manufacturers produce the most discreet vapes at the same price ranges.


Even most avid users who have used the products for years know a minute amount of information about THC vapes. THC and vapes have their fair share of taboos, so you cannot find much. But now that more people recognize its benefits for the users, we can expect newer info to surface. But while we wait, we can recount the historical milestones and merits it offers us now.

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