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Frank Kettenstock of Foxit Software | All Information

Frank Kettenstock of Foxit Software is the co-founder and CEO of Foxit Software, a software company that specializes in PDF creation and editing. Kettenstock has a long history with the software industry, starting his career at Adobe in 1998 as a software engineer. In 2004, he co-founded Foxit Software with a team of other Adobe alumni. Since then, Foxit Software has become one of the leading providers of PDF creation and editing tools. It has also developed a strong reputation for its customer service and support. Kettenstock is widely considered to be one of the most successful CEOs in the software industry. In this interview, we discuss Kettenstock’s career path, how Foxit Software has evolved over the years, and his thoughts on the future of the software industry.

Foxit Software Announces Frank Kettenstock As Senior Vice President of Sales

Foxit Software today announced that Frank Kettenstock has been appointed Senior Vice President of Sales. In this role, Kettenstock will be responsible for Foxit’s sales and marketing efforts across all channels. Prior to joining Foxit, Kettenstock served as Regional Director for Europe at Adobe Systems. He has more than 20 years of sales experience and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company. “We are thrilled to have Frank join our team,” said CEO Dr. Hans-Georg Eichenwald. “His vast experience in the sales world will help us accelerate our growth in both the commercial and government markets.”

Interview: Frank Kettenstock, CEO of Foxit Software

Frank Kettenstock is the CEO of Foxit Software, a software company that produces office productivity tools. In this interview, he discusses the history of Foxit Software and its products, as well as his vision for the company.

How did Foxit Software get started?

Foxit Software was founded in 2005 by myself and four other entrepreneurs. We all had experience in desktop publishing and wanted to create a product that would make office work easier for people. At the time, there weren’t many good options available on the market for easy-to-use document creation software. So we set out to create something that could fill that gap.

What are some of Foxit Software’s most popular products?

Some of our most popular products include PDF Creator, PDF Editor, and Foxit Reader.PDF Creator is our primary product and it allows users to create PDFs easily and quickly. PDF Editor allows users to edit PDFs more easily than ever before, while also providing some added features such as annotation and password protection. Finally, Foxit Reader is our flagship product and it is an all-in-one reader for both Windows and MacOS platforms. It provides quick access to your documents from anywhere in your computer or mobile device.

What does your company’s vision entail?

Our vision at Foxit Software is to continue creating innovative office productivity tools that make life easier for people across the globe. We want to provide our customers with quality

Frank Kettenstock of Foxit Software on the Importance of User Experience

User experience is one of the most important factors in any product. If a user can’t figure out how to use a product, they’re unlikely to stick with it.

Foxit Software Founder and CEO, Frank Kettenstock, discusses the importance of user experience in his company’s products. “We believe that great user experiences are key to our success,” he said. “We make sure that all of our products are easy to use and provide an optimal level of functionality.”

Kettenstock attributes Foxit’s success to its focus on user experience. “We continuously work on making our products easier to use and more intuitive,” he said. “This is why we have such a strong following among users.”

Kettenstock believes that great user experiences are key to companies’ success, not just for software manufacturers but for all businesses. “If you can create a great experience for your customers, you’re likely to retain them and even attract new ones,” he said.

Foxit Software Announces Frank Kettenstock As Its New CEO

Foxit Software today announced that it has appointed Frank Kettenstock as its new CEO. Kettenstock is currently the chairman and CEO of Foxit Software’s parent company, Foxit Company Ltd., which he founded in 1995.

“I am excited to join the Foxit team as CEO,” said Kettenstock. “The company is well position to continue its rapid growth and achieve significant milestones in the near future.”

Kettenstock joined Foxit in November 2012, after 15 years at Adobe Systems where he was most recently senior vice president of product management for its PDF products. In this role, he was responsible for developing Adobe’s PDF product line across all platforms, including desktop, mobile and cloud-based solutions. He was also a key contributor to Adobe’s acquisition of Acrobat in 2005.

Prior to joining Adobe, Kettenstock held various engineering positions at Apple Inc., Xerox PARC and Microsoft Corp., where he developed early versions of Windows and Office. He holds a B.S. from Penn State University and an M.S. from the University of California at Berkeley.

Frank Kettenstock, President Of Foxit Software, Talks The Future Of Digital Productivity

The future of digital productivity is bright for those who are looking to stay ahead of the curve. Tools like Office 365 and Google Drive offer almost limitless storage and communication options, making it easy to collaborate with colleagues and keep up with deadlines.

But there is another player in the field that is quickly gaining prominence: Foxit Software. The software maker has been making tools for digital productivity since 1997, and its products have become staples in many office environments. In an interview with eWEEK, president Frank Kettenstock discussed the company’s plans for the future, focusing on three key areas: document creation, collaboration, and security.

Foxit is commit to providing users with the best possible tools for their specific needs. For example, its product PDF Expert allows users to create PDFs quickly and easily using pop-up menus and toolbars. This makes it a great choice for creating documents that need to formatted specifically for a certain application or device—like a website layout or presentation.

Collaboration is another area where Foxit shines. Its product PDF995 offers integration with leading collaboration platforms like Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce Chatter, as well as support for secure sharing through encryption technologies like AES-256 bit encryption (which meets government security standards). This makes it easy for team members to work on projects together without worrying about sensitive information accidentally shared or stolen.

Finally, security is always a top priority for companies of all sizes. That’s why Fox


Frank Kettenstock is an accomplished software developer who has worked for a number of large companies including Foxit Software. He specializes in developing cross-platform applications and is known for his expertise in Adobe AIR. Kettenstock’s work has praised by industry experts, and he has instrumental in the development of some of the most popular mobile apps on the market today.

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