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D2L MSU – Students can access D2L MSU courses through the MSU Portal. Users assigned a username (first initial + middle initial + 12 characters of last name + ####) and a password (Mustangs ID followed by an exclamation mark). To started, navigate to the left-hand side of the MSU Portal and click on the D2L icon. This will sync your Portal and D2L credentials.

How To Create Courses in D2L MSU

If you are a D2L MSU instructor, you may noticed that some of your courses are already created. You may have noticed that a number of the terms in your course have been changed. These changes are part of the transition to the new Daylight interface. This new look will improve mobile usability and give D2L a more modern look. The core functionality of D2L will remain unchanged. However, the look of all course sites will change, which requires you to update references in your course to the new language. Also, it is a good idea to review your course content on a smartphone to make sure that it is still easy to read.

If you want to create a D2L course on your team, you can use the Teams tool. This is a cloud-based software program that connects to D2L. Once a D2L course created, it will added to your Teams team. You can then see it in the Teams app and the list of your teams.

D2L MSU login

Another option is to use Eli Review. This web service lets instructors review student work directly in their courses. It integrates with your D2L account and allows you to manage the student’s learning experience in one place. By using this web tool, you can create and manage your courses without the need to spend time writing and distributing content.

Professors can hold online discussions in D2L

Using D2L MSU, professors can host online discussions with their students. These discussions can include questions, answers, and other content. Faculty can join in by approving or endorsing student responses, making it easy for students to ask questions and collaborate on answers. One of the best features of this tool is that it can integrate into D2L as an LTI tool. Its interface is similar to a wiki, so students can easily edit and post questions.

If you have old cell phones, students can send answers through text messaging. The professor will assign a 4-digit SMS ID code below each answer value projected on the screen. They can text the code to a number to submit their answers. In this way, students can participate in the discussion without having to leave class. If a student is not able to participate in the discussion, professors can also contact the students through a support option.


Eli Review is a tool designed by Michigan State University faculty that empowers teachers to coach their students on improving their writing and critical thinking. Eli Review also allows professors to easily hold online discussions without subscriptions or logins. It also connects to other course materials, so a professor can start a discussion with his or her students easily.

D2L MSU is available to all MSU faculty and staff. The subscription training period lasts until May 2020, so instructors can take advantage of this great tool. MSU’s D2L learning management system allows instructors to integrate online and blended learning into their courses. It helps instructors upload course outlines, distribute assignments, facilitate discussions, and maintain gradebooks. Instructors of any experience level can take advantage of D2L subscription training to further their knowledge and skills.

Students can create badges and certificates in D2L

D2L MSU offers the ability to create badges and certificates for students to showcase their learning achievements. These awards can be displayed in a variety of places, including the course homepage. They are linked to a metadata page that details the issuer, rubric, and evidence of mastery from the learner.

Badges are created by course administrators. You can also add them to quizzes and courses. Using the course award library, you can choose the badge icon and certificate template. You can also upload your own template. Certificates and badges will appear in the Awards section.

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