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Comal ISD Classlink – How to Contact Comal ISD Classlink

Comal ISD Classlink Deputy Superintendent for Del Valle ISD, is a graduate of Bloomsburg University and has a master’s degree in education. Her goal is to provide a high-quality education to the students in her district. She is the first woman to lead an ISD in Texas, and she has done a great job so far.

Comal ISD Classlink is the Deputy Superintendent of Del Valle ISD

Del Valle ISD is a public school district in Del Valle, Texas. It serves a population of about 10,642 students. The district has an overall graduation rate of 92%, and about 70% of students are considered at risk for dropping out. In addition, approximately 46 percent of students are enrolled in English language learning or bilingual programs. As of the most recent school year, the district received a C grade for its accountability rating, but the 92.2% high school graduation rate for 2020 students was higher.

comal isd classlink

Deputy Superintendent Annette Tielle has more than 28 years of experience in education. She previously served as an assistant superintendent of curriculum for the Pflugerville and Comal school districts. She also holds a doctorate from the Cooperative Superintendency Program at the University of Texas in Austin.

Del Valle ISD has received an investment of $750,000 from the city of Austin and Travis County. This money will go towards expanding pre-kindergarten programs. This will allow more kids to enroll in the program. As of fall 2016, the school district served 55 kids in its pre-kindergarten program.

The Del Valle ISD is experimenting with a virtual classroom program. This program allows teachers to teach students in their classrooms and stream their lessons to students in their homes. During the spring and summer, the district distributed hundreds of thousands of meals to students who live in the area. The district also screened students for fevers and alternated bell schedules. Students will need masks in the hallways and their desks will be six feet apart.

She has a master’s degree in education from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Comal is a middle school teacher who has a master’s degree in education and is currently working for a private school in Pennsylvania. She has been teaching for eight years and makes $51,169 per year. Her salary is considerably less than her competitors. Pace University employees make $68,753 per year, while Everglades University employees make $51,169 per year.

The Education, Culture, and Society program prepares students to think critically about the nature of education and society. It incorporates approaches from anthropology, history, and philosophy in order to give students a nuanced understanding of education as a social phenomenon. Students will have the opportunity to conduct research and write about their findings, as well as engage in critical discussion of educational research and theory.

Students pursuing the master’s degree program are required to maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0. Transfer credits from another college or university may be accepted, but they must be graded B or higher. Students must also complete 30 semester hours of approved course work and write a departmental paper. After completing these requirements, students must apply for graduation. They may have to fulfill any deficiencies or complete other requirements before their degree is granted.

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is a private university located along the Susquehanna River, about 150 miles from New York and Philadelphia. It offers more than 50 bachelor’s degree programs and around 20 graduate programs in fields such as health, education, and business. Students can also find help with a job search through the school’s Center for Professional Development.

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